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  1. Rocky

    Rocky here

    Hello Circus friends . As I am sure most of you know I no longer work for Thunder Tiger . It was a good long run . But that part of my life is over . I have a new venture . This may be a big surprise to some . I am opening a BBQ restaurant . It is in Wrightwood Ca at 1238 Hwy 2. It is...
  2. Rocky

    Rocky's BBQ Log

    Just threw on the 5lb pork but , Used a different rub and a mop sauce this time . I hope its good . Now just need to wait 8 hrs This time the rub contains Pepper ,Salt .Paprika ,turbinado sugar ,dry mustard ,cayenne, The mop sauce contain the rub and this also cider vinegar salt pepper...
  3. Rocky

    BBq Smoke for sale

    This is a very nice smoker . It is made by Medina river outdoor The fire box is 17" round x17" long the main box ix 17" x 35" and the vertical smoker is 16x16 square and 47"tall its made of 14 gauge steel the unit weight about 260 lbs the vertical box has 3 racks in it and it has a bar on the...
  4. Rocky

    New smoker

    I just oreder this should be here in about a week . Once I get it figured out should be able to do some good BBQ
  5. Rocky

    RC plane VS Bi plane

    Has everyone seen this
  6. Rocky

    Rocky/ Thunder Tiger

    Hello, a lot of you here know me and some do not so here is a little update. I have been in the RC industry going on 8 years now. I started in a SO Cal Hobby shop and then moved to Ace Hobby where I spent that last seven years working. I started as an engine tech, then became customer service...
  7. Rocky

    Working in China

    So its Saturday 11:35am here and I am at my desk doing some work and I hear some loud pops like fire works so I look out the window and sure enough the village behine the factory is setting off fire works . So thsi goes on for abot 10 mins. Then the village on the otheside of the factory start...
  8. Rocky

    Hello from Taiwan

    JUst wanted to Say Hello from Taiwan . Work is going well . I was taken to night market last night that is one crazy place . I ate so much street food and today i am paying for it. DId you know that some place dont have toilets its like they sunk a urnial in the ground and you just squat and do...
  9. Rocky

    Rocky on Jones Soda

    So i am trying to get on a bottle of Jones Soda. ANd I need votes that show people like my pic . So please follow the lonk below and Vote for my picture PLEASE Thanks guys Thsi is the pic I am using
  10. Rocky

    Whats for dinner at your house

    Tonight it was Cinnamon Rubed Lamb with Redwine Basil vinegarette and Garlic Mashed potatoes
  11. Rocky

    Watch this Hey apple
  12. Rocky


    Dr. Jekyll this is for you if you were at Shows trailor friday night you know what this is about if not well its a long story
  13. Rocky

    Flying this weekend

    Is anyone flying this weekend or are we shut out by weather again ?
  14. Rocky

    ACE and ALTUZ

    We here at Ace are very happy to announce that we have signed Gabriel Altuz he will be flying the Thunder Tiger Toc Series in 2010. Look for him at Xfc and Clover Creek with the 40% Katana .Good Luck and great flying To all ACE Team pilots .
  15. Rocky

    My stay at La quinta

    So this past weekend I was at the Arizona Electric Festival . I satyed at the Laquinta on Supertstition springs blvd .I have stayed there a few times pretty nice .We had two rooms but only needed one so Thirsday morning I asked if I could cancel my room sine only 2 of us went to the event . They...
  16. Rocky


    Hey Dave can you do this on a F-16
  17. Rocky

    Rabbit 11/27/09 Black Friday

    Well looks like myself Plumber and possibly Rabbit Ron will be at Rabbit dry lake . Looks like good weather cold in the morning nice during the day . I think since its black friday good day to fly and avoid the general public .
  18. Rocky

    Something different
  19. Rocky

    Plane gurus

    Ok guys who is the real plane nerd here . Who flew the Dalotel and in what contest Mike Stroup you are not allowed to answer. I know you know this
  20. Rocky

    Barry you need this Dont you need one of these