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  1. Rabbit Ron

    What TFC can do for you.

    Just for the record I taught Showtime everything he knows including rolling left
  2. Rabbit Ron

    The fun police are cracking down even more!

    You may have to fill out a Hurt Feelings report LOL
  3. Rabbit Ron

    The fun police are cracking down even more!

    Ops you broke the rules Section 5 article 1 we may have to ban you LOL Wow I was reading the rules over there and you really can't speak your mind or give an honest opinion on a topic " let me know how this works out for you "
  4. Rabbit Ron

    Rabbit Bash Photos

    Greg is cool dude fits right in with the crew The weather was perfect Rocky and Plumber cooked some of the BEST BQ ever wow Showtimes Gas Golf cart IS GUTLESS
  5. Rabbit Ron

    TT TOC ace hobby

    Unfortunately this is true Hobbico bought them what sucks is the working man always get screwed. Good people lost their jobs and all the hard work that went into building something from nothing is gone :BS:
  6. Rabbit Ron

    Sad day

    Cool Vid Jay here's me leading an off road race a few years ago
  7. Rabbit Ron

    Mithy Flight Log

    Not ME !
  8. Rabbit Ron

    Mithy Flight Log

    Wow DL has a 170 Glad you like it for now
  9. Rabbit Ron

    Valley Rabbit

    Don't worry you not going
  10. Rabbit Ron

    Compy 3m Yak 55 Assembly

    OK ? :exercise6:
  11. Rabbit Ron

    Cowlhead sale

    Is that all come on where's the good stuff
  12. Rabbit Ron

    My dog Sparky

    Sorry for your loss Barry losing a pet leaves a big hole in your life, I still think about some of the dogs that where part of my family that have passed on. Sparky was a cool dog, I would like to think that some day we get to see our pets again in another time :-)
  13. Rabbit Ron


    WOW that's low price
  14. Rabbit Ron

    My "Old 102" Build

    The END
  15. Rabbit Ron

    3-D Full Deflection & Freestyle

    Im loaded and ready to go
  16. Rabbit Ron

    Showtime ???????????

    Hey check this out
  17. Rabbit Ron

    3-D Full Deflection & Freestyle

    I will be at OCMA friday then prodo on sat
  18. Rabbit Ron

    IMAA @ Castle

    I would say that this is the biggest RC event on the west coast but its mainly a scale/war bird event.
  19. Rabbit Ron

    Compy 3m Yak 55 Assembly

    Wow this going on almost as long as the 102 build thread LOL
  20. Rabbit Ron

    FunFest 2010 - Corona R/C Club, Norco, California

    There is ZERO communication between the RC clubs of SO Cal that's why this happens and that's why nobody goes to fun fly's down here