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  1. Dean Bird

    Help send the SW IMAC Pilots to the 2018 Worlds

    We are looking to raise some funds to send five of the top pilots from the Southwest IMAC region to Muncie, IN, for the 2018 IMAC World Championships. While there, they will spend the better part of a week competing, practicing and just having fun. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for...
  2. Dean Bird

    2018 Winter Roundup at Felix Ranch - 2/17 & 18

    Hello everyone, The IMAC Southwest Region's 2018 season kicked off on January 13th with a successful Superstition Challenge. The next SW IMAC contest is almost 4 weeks away. The Winter Roundup at Felix Ranch will be held on February 17th and 18th...
  3. Dean Bird

    Tucson Shootout Warmup

    All pilots, There is the perfect opportunity to get a final contest warmup before the Tucson Shootout (and the World Championship Qualifier for the Southwest pilots). The weekend of October 7th will be the Best In The West Shootout At Felix Ranch...
  4. Dean Bird

    2015 Felix Ranch "Best in the West" contest

    Hello IMAC Pilots, It's time for the 6th annual Felix Ranch "Best in the West" contest. We had a GREAT time last year!! This contest is timed to be a perfect warmup for those pilots attending the Tucson Shootout and a whole lot of fun for the rest of us. The contest dates are October 3rd...
  5. Dean Bird

    A: Newest Threads on homepage

    The links in the "Newest Threads" on the home page really need to have the "goto=newposts" added back. I really hate being on the first post when I click on a thread. It used to take us to the first unread post. What happened?
  6. Dean Bird

    Notification links don't work

    The links to a thread sent in the email notifications don't work. It's happened on multiple threads. Wassup? :leaving:
  7. Dean Bird

    IMAC Workshop - Come try it!!

    Hello everyone, There will be a one day IMAC Workshop in Mesa, Arizona, on November 23, 2013. This is a great opportunity to try IMAC in an even more relaxed atmosphere (we have a lot of fun at the contests). The workshop will be about coaching and providing feedback on the quickest ways to...
  8. Dean Bird

    CARF-Models 2013 Series 3.1m Extra 330SC

    Hello everyone. My new CARF-Models 2013 Series 122” Extra 330SC in the Yellow Chequer scheme has arrived. I wanted to share the research I did before I decided to go with the CARF-Models 122” Extra 330SC. Last fall I knew I was ready for a new airplane for IMAC competition. I had...
  9. Dean Bird

    YouTube video embed working?

    The YouTube "embed" code doesn't seem to be working. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. Dean Bird

    Glass work

    I need to find a company to do some high quality (ready to paint) glass work with 2 ounce and 4 ounce cloth on a contract basis. The master mold is already done. I need them to produce batches of 30 of this 2 piece product. The product is about the size of a 30cc cowl. Please send me a PM...
  11. Dean Bird

    Light RTU Fuel Tanks

    Wow!!! I missed this one. I'm starting to research the gear I'm putting in my next plane. I ran into these Ready To Use (RTU) tanks made from Fiji water bottles. Exactly what I need!! The 50+ ounce (1.5 liter) tank for a 40% - 42%...
  12. Dean Bird

    Favorite Extra scheme

    Hello everyone, I'm going to have an Extra 330SC custom painted. I'm looking for your favorite paint scheme that hasn't been offered yet. I can make the scheme any color if you like the design but not the colors. Here is a scheme I'm considering. Thanks for any great ones you can...
  13. Dean Bird

    Tony Russo needs TFC Support

    Hello everyone in the Circus crew!! Tony Russo, the owner of Dalton Aviation and our contact at Desert Aircraft, needs some TFC support for a charity event called the Tour of Tucson. I've already contributed $100 to his effort. Here is the email I got from Tony. Dear Friends and Family...
  14. Dean Bird

    Extra 260 3D Profile by E-flite

    I found this while I was cleaning up the shop. Gonna throw it together and have some fun!!
  15. Dean Bird

    Setup for 71" AJ Slick

    I'm looking to get the 71" AJ Slick and wanted to get recommendations for motor, ESC, prop, and battery. Thanks!!
  16. Dean Bird

    Unregulated A123 batteries

  17. Dean Bird

    5.5" Pro-Links

    Hangar 9 makes Titanium Pro-Links. Horizon Hobby: Titanium Pro-Links 4-40x1-1/2" (2) by Hangar 9 (HAN3550) They say, "Pro-Links are ideal for Rocket City, DuBro®, or any other 4-40 molded ball link or control horn and are available in 1/2-inch increment lengths from 1.5 inches to 5...
  18. Dean Bird

    Ball Link Stand Offs

    Somebody was looking for some ball links stand offs a few weeks ago. I just bought four 4-40 ball links and I don't need the stand offs. Anyone remember who it was? Did they get them?
  19. Dean Bird

    Gear Legs

    I've always carried my plane in my Tahoe to contests. My wife and son are going to the Camarillo IMAC contest with me this year. I'm planning on renting a U-Haul to put the plane in. I've seen the "Gear Legs" for securing the plane in the trailer. Hi Alpha Aviation This is a picture...
  20. Dean Bird

    Prop Bolt torque