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  1. Gmoney

    Where is everybody?

    I poke in occasionally. Just recently logged back in. Don't fly much at all. But miss my Cirkus brothers. Recent club drama back at home bring back that nostalgic feeling of grumpy old men and 40size trainers.
  2. Gmoney

    Needed to build something

    Wing is coming along nicely. New jacket for Christmas.
  3. Gmoney

    Favorite Shots

    I have spent the last six years riding mountain bikes, road bikes and even some gravel events. This picture is last year in Oklahoma, event is called the Land Run 100. 100 miles of grueling red clay and freezing temps. 18% completion rate. The high for the day was 36 degrees snow, sleet hail and...
  4. Gmoney

    Needed to build something

    A little more sanding and get the hinges slotted and these will be ready.
  5. Gmoney

    Needed to build something

    Well, a couple hours got me a wing panel. Landing gear came in also. Need to decide on covering and get it ordered.
  6. Gmoney

    Favorite Shots

  7. Gmoney

    What made Flying Circus great

    Smile you miserable ****s! Go fly, it isn't about planes! It's about people. It's about friends at the field, traveling for the sake of traveling. Been a loooong time but not a day goes by I don't think about Flying CirKus and the life long friends I have because of it. Assholes like Showtime...
  8. Gmoney

    Needed to build something

    Probably never actually fly it but have enjoyed building a kit. Been a long time since CA and sandpaper have been on the kitchen table
  9. Gmoney

    DW Foamies YAK 54 Foamy Build! TFC Special Edition

    Wow, get that old girl built. G$
  10. Gmoney

    2.4 remote antenas

  11. Gmoney

    7 channel 2.4

  12. Gmoney

    Flight Power Batterys

  13. Gmoney

    Weatronics Comparrison

  14. Gmoney

    Sad news "RacerBob" has passed.

    Damn, Bob is the kind of guy you just don't forget. I tell stories about his stories. If you ever get a chance to a quick goggle on Bob. Bob was and always will be a huge part of why I fly, Why I strive to be better each day. He loved us "KIDS" and in return we loved him. His wife Carol always a...
  15. Gmoney

    helicopter log

    15 flights on the Yak at the 09 TD. four flights on the R90. the last one the tail let go so I have some work to do. Cracked tail case and broken front gear. Worst part I dont know why the damn tail let go. 611 gyro should hold until it dies... Weird Shiz.. New vibe 90 acquired so build in...
  16. Gmoney

    My "Old 102" Build

    300-500 more rpm is always nice. You didnt spare a step so why not have the peace of mind in a strong running motor. That will make for years of enjoyment.. You could try and conceal it with matching paint and some weathering? G
  17. Gmoney

    Anything thread.
  18. Gmoney

    Anything thread.

    I could have done better than those 3rd world militants.
  19. Gmoney

    What the.....????

    That aint right! anything you can do they can do upside down and backwards..