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  1. kim

    Falcon Prop Spec

    Thought I will start this thread to help out everybody that have any question regarding picking Falcon props for their engines. so if you have any info to post such as Engine, Header length, exhaust system and your Falcon prop, and please be sure to post RPM. Slowly this thread will get big...
  2. kim

    Hangar 9 3.1 SU29 KQ Edt

    After recently crashing my 120" Yak 54 I decided its time for a new frame for my DA170. I did quite a bit of looking around and was considering a few airframes, such as the PAU SP, 3DHS SC, or the Krill SC. Hangar 9 SU29 was a back in my mind idea and actually first choice due to complete kit...
  3. kim

    my freestyle flights this season

    here is some of all of my freestyles this imac seasons a couple of good ones and a couple of better ones rest in peace my blue TT TOC (AKA BEST PLANE EVER) riverside <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
  4. kim

    12Z on 2.4

    does anyone knows how to program the 12Z to work with the 2.4 module thanks kim