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  1. GravyGoodness

    64" Extreme Flight MXS EXP

    Thought I would share this with the class. Long story short, I am ready to fly this thing! I had a 48" Extra a few years back and hated it. I have seen one of these fly very well, so hopefully this one will perform like I want it to. As far as equipment goes: Torque Motor from EF...
  2. GravyGoodness

    Inexpensive Li-Po Batteries

    I LOVE my Thunder Power batteries - and I have done some testing with them against other brands and nothing that I have seen can hold voltage under load like they do. Nothing I have seen can put out the power they do. This being said they are pretty expensive. Also, now I have ended up as...
  3. GravyGoodness

    Older Engine ID for Experts!

    Anyone have any idea what engine this is? My co-worker had these pictures on a diskette and I have never seen one. I was thinking an old Sachs or Quadra, but I couldn't find any pictures online of one that matched. Thanks!
  4. GravyGoodness

    Hitec 7954SH v/s Futaba 9157

    I was working this morning and I had a thought... There is a 200cc Yak upstairs of me right now that is never going to fly, ever. It is full of Brand new Futaba 9157 servos with SWB arms and everything. My 100cc MX-2 currently has the Hitec 7954SH servos in it, and it works fine. I have...
  5. GravyGoodness

    Fly For Tots 2012, September 14, 15 & 16

    I cut and pasted this from the other site from Larry Lewis, one of the event organizers. If you guys have a chance to come out, please do so. It's an awesome event for an awesome cause. Don't forget that the raffle tickets are available for on-line sale now. And yes, they can be won...
  6. GravyGoodness

    Futaba 12FG

    I am really considering pulling the trigger on this radio, I am ready to upgrade from the 10C. Instead of calling Hobby Services and going through the voicemail jungle, does anyone know if it permits mixing of multiple servos on ailerons and rudder? My 10C currently mixes the Rudder, but no...
  7. GravyGoodness

    TAS Extra 300

    Thomas was kind enough to send me a prototype "Carden Inspired" Extra 300 Kit a while back, like in early March. With trying to get my house in order and life in general I really have not had any time to work on it - until today. It's stupid hot outside and I really don't feel much like...
  8. GravyGoodness

    Gimbal Tension

    Just out of curiosity...... I used one of my friend's radios at Joe Nall last year and he had super heavy springs installed, I mean rally heavy. I thought it was great so I finally ordered some last week and I installed them tonight. I was wondering how everyone out there flew in...
  9. GravyGoodness

    Hitec 5955

    I ended up with the Hitec 5955 servos, which is OK because they are arguably the best servos Hitec made. Can they handle 7.4v unregulated? I can't find any information about it.
  10. GravyGoodness

    3DHS 72" Extra 330SC

    When I was looking for my next plane, I needed something affordable first and foremost. I was also looking for something that flies like a big plane, but was a little easier to get back and forth to the field than dragging the trailer around everywhere. At 72" this is by no means a small...
  11. GravyGoodness

    Exhaust Choices & Powerbands

    Lookee what I picked up today! Got a good deal on it, and I needed a new bird, I think... :leaving: I have a line on a DA 50 for it, but we all know that the power is a little lacking on this plane with that engine, but there are always pipes, right?? I had a pipe on a DA 85 a few years...
  12. GravyGoodness

    E-Flite Taylorcraft 450

    OK kids, just some quick info for you here. I have been wanting something fun to fly that is a little more "lighthearted" that my 100cc MX2, so I scooped this little bird up. It really is a handsome little guy, and I had all the stuff laying around from a deceased Edge 540 profile. I...
  13. GravyGoodness

    Hinge Gap Sealing

    I hope this is not a blatantly ignorant question... I have used several methods for sealing hinge gaps including Park Flyer hinge tape and clear covering. I have to seal the gaps on my 100cc MX2, and I HATE cutting straight strips of ultracoate to iron all crappy looking inside the...
  14. GravyGoodness

    Conglomoration Construction??

    OK, here's the deal... I have been wanting to build something for a while now, and I have some parts laying around the house. It's the wings from a 150cc Yak 54, and the elevators from a 33% Sukhoi, to start. I'm thinking I could use them on a slab, kind of like WrongWay's 85cc profile...
  15. GravyGoodness

    Picture of the Month Re-vote

    This was taken during the noontime demo at Fly-For-Tots 2011. I think it was Robert Vess' plane.
  16. GravyGoodness

    Plane Identification Professionals

    Can anybody tell me what this is? I saw it hanging in the mall in Raleigh NC and almost fell down the stairs. Still has all the instruments in it, seat, stick, everything I can tell - I don't think the engine is still in there though. It looked to be in really great condition, other than...
  17. GravyGoodness

    Batts and Cold

    I keep my planes in the trailer, rarely taking them inside. Now that cold weather is upon us, I was wondering if leaving the planes outside in the cold is going to hurt the batteries. I have Li-Ions on one, Lipos on the other and NiMh ignition packs on both. The coldest it will get here...
  18. GravyGoodness

    3DHS Yak 55!

    So, I'm cruising 3DHS this morning and I see this!? WHY have I not seen this before? Is there an announcement I missed or something? Is anybody else excited by this other than me? I'm just a sucker for the 55 style, which this isn't perfect, but it still looks good to me. The only problem...
  19. GravyGoodness

    40% Bill Hempel Cub

    Seeing as I just finished a build thread on my MX2 I have been sad that there are no projects are on the building table. I have been drooling over a big cub for a while now, something more relaxing to fly than the 3D stuff. The only problem with both of these statements is that I don't...
  20. GravyGoodness

    DLE Spark Plugs

    So I got this DLE 111 right, and it comes with the DLE plugs. I hear through the internet that they are garbage, and if it's on the internet it must be true, right? I thought my store had the replacement for these yesterday, but they didn't. In fact, no small engine shop in town has...