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  1. Andrew Bird

    F/S 8611a's and Mej 32x10

    8 x 8611a's for sale. All fresh from a service at Horizon and in great shape - $70 each Mezjlik 32x10 prop, drilled for a DA 170, in good shape, $75.
  2. Andrew Bird

    Heroes of the banned list

    So, I've noticed quite a lot of blokes on here who've managed to get banned from 'other sites'. Maybe someone needs to sort out a super league of who's been banned? 1 point for something dull like questioning the mods sexuality/religion, 5 points for stealing their moped and 10 points for...
  3. Andrew Bird

    For sale

    REcently stripped down an airframe and sold it so have a 3w 170xiB2 CS for sale as well as a brand new set of KS 28mm drop headers (still wrapped with bolts). The engine has had 63 flights and is in great shape. It has the version 4.1 ignition and aluminum carb block. Asking $1350 for the...
  4. Andrew Bird

    Krill 39% Sukhoi

    This showed up today. Really nice step on from my Yak in terms of amount of work already done on the plane. I love the lines of this plane. By the time my wife showed up with the camera, I had the engine bolted on and was looking at the pipe set up. Running a 3w 170 CS on KS 1090 pipes...
  5. Andrew Bird

    Krill Yak 55 Rebuild

    I managed to properly spank my Krill Yak on it's 15th flight :mad: It's the first big plane I've managed to break and I am gutted about it. This is an amazing flying plane. My compy 260 has had it through 220 flights without me totally killing it so far! Anyway - I lost the engine on the...
  6. Andrew Bird

    3w 170 cs

    I'm looking for people's experience running this motor. I'm running it on KS 1090 pipes and starting to get awesome mid range and top end but bottom end is still lumpy. The motor is still pretty new and needs more run time - so any tips on getting it smooth through the whole range? How...
  7. Andrew Bird

    35% kits

    I'm looking at a kit for my next build - you know like off the old days with bits of wood and glue! I want something that'll work well for IMAC and 3d (not too much to ask!). Looking at both Carden and Dalton kits. I hear the 260's from both companies fly great. But I also like the idea of...
  8. Andrew Bird

    Comp arf pitts

    I'm new here but thought I'd post some pictures of my newly completed comp arf pitts in sebart scheme. Running 3w 170 cs on 1090 pipes. I know a few guys who have these back in europe and it sounds like it's going to take a fair bit of setting up to get dialled in but I know of at least...