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    Mithy's Green Flag SX w/WWW170

    That plane is so 2002
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    TFC Reunion FunFly

    If Mith Goes i will go........
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    TFC Upgrade

    I would put thumb nails on the Classifieds on the ome page.
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    Mithy's Green Flag SX w/WWW170

    No ****/./...
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    Aw-ulti with a 200cc?

    Looks great man cant wait to here how you like it.
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    Aw-ulti with a 200cc?

    I had one with a 3w 212 on it it was a great flying plane. Now mine 3w is a pound heavier than the da so it should be ok. The only thing wrong with mine was the wings had a lot of flex it them. now they flexed with the 170 noll was flying but with the extra wing loading on it i would be carful...
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    Rabbit Bash - When?

    Looks like it was fun.. I see the riverside crew made it out That is sweet.
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    Test - how observant are you?

    17 for me
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    Circus Support Family

    Here is my new love..... STill have wife and kids they are forever. This is just for now. Building a full bugy as we speek. so i can let my fake jeep rest. my goal is to run the hammers race in 2013.
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    Rabbit Bash - When?

    IMAC at a rabbit bash.. WTF!
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    Futaba BLS-156HV Brushless Servos

    Mike is a flyer but if you ever see him fly. Slow and boring....... LOL.. thats why he uses nylon arms.
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    TFC Videos FOUND

    those days are over. I will say i miss them but like always you can try to recreat time but it will never be the same.... i have not flown in 6 months...
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    This used to be me...

    remember this..
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    Rocky's BBQ Log

    Well did you just pull it or did you rub it.
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    Where will 3D Giant Scale be in 10 years?

    Planes will turn into rock krawlers.
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    Lie To us

    I am going to the rabbit bash.
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    Anyone tried these props

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    AW Yak 54

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    PowerBox RRS

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    EQ-10 and batts