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  1. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Yes Sir, with a full length private airstrtip 1 mile from my home I can fly elec's anytime. I slip in a gasser now and then (DA85 Aeroworks extra, and a DA100 QQ102" Yak rev 1, but I'm trying to do this straight up legal. So I've been talking to a couple board members (both pilots)and they don't...
  2. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Looking good Cody !! Always nice to read your post'
  3. Rod Bender


    Welcome to the Circus FlyingJ !!! you'll find build threads, topics from A-Z With some very knowledgeable members. There are several engines guru's that really know there stuff. So welcome, dive right in and make yourself at home
  4. Rod Bender

    Resurrecting the cover model!!!

    But I bet the horses love the ride !! :yikes:
  5. Rod Bender

    throwin' the rag doll around

    Nice flying Tavis, you DO have the best smoke I've seen .... just sayin .. :biggrin:
  6. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Plane really does look sweet Cody !! Congrats :thumbsup:
  7. Rod Bender

    Seb Art 2.6M SU 29s build

    Sharp lookin plane Cody, great work :thumbsup:
  8. Rod Bender

    I am so weak....

    Ya, but they're AX's not FX's :sad2:
  9. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Congrats to you and Jess Cody !! I pray for nothing but good health and happines in your upcoming years :thumbsup:
  10. Rod Bender


    Thanks Cody, Good stuff that never gets old. I keep waiting for a new modern day event to disprove or prove this once and for all ... I'm hoping for the later :leaving:
  11. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Congrats Cody and Jess !!!
  12. Rod Bender

    Nelly and Pakratt's Playgrounds II

    Thats a very nice camera, congrats Karen :thumbsup:
  13. Rod Bender

    Anything thread.

    Mans gotz mad skillz !!
  14. Rod Bender

    Brutus Flight Blog

    Sounds like a fun roadtrip Cody, have fun and enjoy the time
  15. Rod Bender

    Nelly and Pakratt's Playgrounds II

    Been raining\snowing for 2 going on 3 days at my local. Plants outside some 30+ yrs old are\were turning brown. I've never had to water them in the past 20+ yrs, I pray the weather systens start flowing in each week now that the high pressure system has left us :thumbsup...
  16. Rod Bender

    Nelly and Pakratt's Playgrounds II

    Ken, We here in Calif would LOVE ALL the mother nature you could shove this way, we are in serious trouble
  17. Rod Bender

    Team JR Americas

    Congratulations Greg !! You'll make a great JR team member :thumbsup:
  18. Rod Bender

    Go Broncos! Super Bowl 2014 here we come!

    Wow, seriously ? That was the worst SB game I can remember. Not a SH or DB fan, would have enjoyed a good game though, and I'm sure the other 111 million viewers had the same feeling. Sorry, 110,999,999 viewers, forgot about you :biggrin:
  19. Rod Bender

    TeamFlyingCircus Shirt Giveaway!

    XXL Austin Have you EVER seen so many night crawlers ... wow
  20. Rod Bender


    Well put it in your ear and wiggle it for a bit .... :biggrin: