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  1. Dadstoysbg

    2.4 went into fail-safe

    This is a interesting story. Last Sunday a friend flying a composite 3-w using a Futaba lost his plane. It went in and out of fail safe 3 time before hitting the ground. This is what we found at the wreck site. Both of the tips on the antennas were gone. The wires were supported by tubing but...
  2. Dadstoysbg

    Stihl fuel injection. something new to play with

    Looks like it may not be that far away until our engines can have this.
  3. Dadstoysbg

    Wheel chair ramp

    We have two members that use wheel chairs. This is what the club did for them.
  4. Dadstoysbg

    Three new gas engines from Horizon Pricing right with DLE. Dennis
  5. Dadstoysbg

    The death of a 3-w 100

    Here are some pictures after my engine quit working. The last pictures shows the carbon build up after three years of hard flying. Dennis
  6. Dadstoysbg

    RANT Radio equipment

    I'm putting this under the radio forum because you don't have a RANT forum. I do read a lot of the forums and in most cases I try and stay away from posting but some days it just gets under my skin. Lately I've read several threads where seemly new people getting into GS are asking about...
  7. Dadstoysbg

    3-w 85 single needs muffler

    I have a friend that needs a muffler and he asked if there were any other place get one. Either a Pitts or side dump. thanks, Dennis
  8. Dadstoysbg

    Members in wheelchairs

    We have several members in wheelchairs. I thought all of you would like to see how we are trying to make it easier for them to enjoy the hobby here in Bowling Green, Ky. At the top of picture one is a slap for them to park on and we lowered the work table 6" as well. Dennis
  9. Dadstoysbg

    ACCIDENT lost fingers

    Had a bad accident at a local club last week end. Starting a 55cc gas without restraints and had the Futaba radio on the wrong model. Lost three fingers but the hospital was able to re-attach them. We all know what to do but some times we can get complacent about safety. I want this to be the...
  10. Dadstoysbg

    Stihl engines

    This is not to start any kind of oil war. Went to buy a new yard blower today and got a Stihl. When I ask the salesman about oil. we walked past the nice Stihl oil display and he showed me a packet of after market oil. He told me this is what all the commercial guys use. When I ask him what the...
  11. Dadstoysbg

    3-w 100 back fires HELP

    Looking for ideas. The history of the engine. Bobby at Cactus built the engine for me about a year before he sold out. It has has run flawless since. Took it out for the first time this year. choked it and it hit on the third flip. Open the choke it would run very ruff and then back fire and...
  12. Dadstoysbg

    Spektrum DX 8

    For thou's that want to upgrade to the DX 8, Horizon is now selling them with 3 receivers for the same price of $425.99. You get 2 full range and 1 park flyer. the cost of the receivers by them selves is $300. that means the radio is only $125.99. Dennis
  13. Dadstoysbg

    Help with school project

    Here's the story. I'm helping with a school project sponsored by the University of Kentucky. This is a charter class. The students are given a 40 size trainer made by Hobbico. The must design a wing that will carry a load. The competition is the lightest wing the carry's the most weight. that...
  14. Dadstoysbg

    Power needs for GS planes

    As I promised here is the what I have learned so far on the power needs for our GS planes. Now I'm not a expert by any means, so I picking other peoples brains and i want you all to give me your thoughts. Our servo plugs can handle anywhere from 2.5 to 5amps depending who you talk too...
  15. Dadstoysbg

    Spektrum DX 18

    And I just got a JR 11X last year. Dennis
  16. Dadstoysbg

    New Eflite Beast

    I thought I'd never like flying micro's. But the new micro Beast with the 3 axis gyro is amazing. Not one bounce in the wind. Fly's like a bigger plane. It's rock solid. I keep mine at home and fly it in the front yard. It'll 3-d with the best and because of the gyro's it's almost to simple...