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  1. TManiaci

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Hoping all the best to all of the Circus freaks... :biggrin:
  2. TManiaci

    Stupid People

    This is what we need.... <iframe src="" width="567" height="345" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  3. TManiaci

    WTS - 3W157CS - Priced to MOVE!

    Reduced Price to Sell! $900 steals this gem and you won't even go to jail! Low time 3W157CS for sale. Parting out my big 40% airplane, simply don't have time to fly any more. Backing down to 25-50cc class for more casual flying. This is a beautiful engine in very good condition. It has...
  4. TManiaci

    Nano-Quads Flying in Sync

    WOW... BADASS :willynilly: <iframe width="853" height="480" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. TManiaci

    Airplane 3D Printing

    With advances in technology come opportunity. The fairly recent expansion of printing plastics in 3-Dimensional forms with low-cost machines that you can buy for personal use, the bounds of home fabrication become a little less restricting. Now, we can see that this capability is starting to...
  6. TManiaci

    Stinson Reliant Build

    Well, for a website primarily concerned with aerobatics, this is a little lame, but here goes. This is more about building, and not about the type of aircraft. We have not had many build threads of late that live to the first flights. Most are abandoned after the first few postings. I'm gonna...
  7. TManiaci

    Happy New Year!

    To all my Circus friends, best wishes in this new year!
  8. TManiaci

    A123 Shuts RC Down?

    So, somewhere along the line I was asleep at the wheel. WTF? I am fixing up my Yak, and I found that a few of my A123 cells need to be replaced to provide best performance. So, naturally I go to the uber-web and start shopping for the 2300 mAH A123 LIFePo4 cells. It's like a desert out there...
  9. TManiaci

    Smartfly Ign Cut on Dual JR Rx

    HELP! Okay, this is a stretch, hoping there might be a guru in here that can help. I'm converting my 150cc Yak over to 2.4GHz. I have a Dual Rx version of the SmartFly Ignition Cutoff (SIC). The setup worked perfectly on the dual 72MHz receiver system. With the dual SIC, either Rx would...
  10. TManiaci

    Happy 4th of July!

    Independence day. For many, a meaningful day when we remember the sacrifices for freedom. Have a safe and insane 4th! &#8220;America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.&#8221; Abraham Lincoln :thumbsup:
  11. TManiaci

    Belated Memorial Day Wishes

    To all that serve, or have served, I wanted to offer my deepest gratitude for your sacrifice for our country. It's a day late, but this last week has been difficult. My father-in-law, Bill Putman, passed away last Wednesday in the early morning hours. He fought a good fight, and finally...
  12. TManiaci

    Rocky Hucks Warturds

    Our Hero, Rocky McCarter seen hucking a P51 Warturd.... WTF?
  13. TManiaci

    FPV Survey on AMA

    Let you voice be heard!
  14. TManiaci

    Headcount - TFC Reunion FunFly in Temecula

    Well, gang, April 14th is only two weeks away and it's time to get serious. I would like to get a head count so we know what to do with planning. Everything is looking real good, and the Temecula Valley Fliers Club is very excited about having the TFC gang come out and fly exhibition. The...
  15. TManiaci

    2.4GHz Upgrade for the QQ Yak 86"

    So, I'm the guy that flies very little due to relentless work and personal demands. I got a JR 11X over a year ago, and I have been slowly buying or getting gifts of several other upgrades for my two gassers. I finally decided to get my 50cc bird converted to 2.4GHz before the Temecula Reunion...
  16. TManiaci

    TFC Reunion FunFly

    Hello Circus Family. We have a quest... let's make it happen! Our flying friends at the Temecula Valley Fliers RC Club have contacted me, and they want us back! Do you remember the exhibition show that we put on for the TVF club back in 2006? Wouldn't it be a frikkin blast to get everyone...
  17. TManiaci

    Merry Christmas!

    A hearty Merry Christmas to all my Circus family... Hope you got the RC toy you wished for...
  18. TManiaci

    Cool Tool!

    So, need an "Accurate" way to find and repeat surface deflection angles? Check it out HERE! Only $26.00 Accurate to 0.3º, with a span of a full 180º. 8" long, nice tool! Great XMas gift idea....
  19. TManiaci


    Horizon and EFlight have come out with a new 3-Axis flight stabilization system. The system is now available on a few of their mini E-powered airplanes. This is really some very cool technology, check it! :thumbsup: <iframe width="560" height="315"...
  20. TManiaci

    TFC Videos FOUND

    Hey all, I was browsing an old backup drive and I found a cache of TFC Videos that I have never posted on YouTube. These were all on the old website, but have been offline since the new site went up. Posting them here for everyone to relive some seriously good times back in 2006. <iframe...