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  1. wahoo

    Engine mounting help

    As much as I've searched the internet, I cannot for the life of me find a mounting template for the zdz50ng. I'd like to be lazy and just download one, print it out, tape it on and drill, but it sure doesn't look like that's what I'll be able to do unless one of you happen to have or know...
  2. wahoo


    An Irish man goes to confession in St. Patrick's Catholic Church. "Father, it has been one month since my last confession. I had sex with Nookie Green twice last month." The priest tells the sinner, "You are forgiven. Go out and say three Hail Mary's." Soon after, another Irish man...
  3. wahoo

    The Barrier

    LMFAO !!!! <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Check out the recipe here
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    Lady Gaga showed up at the VMAs covered in meat. She shows up at the Grammys dressed as an egg. Two more red carpets and she'll be a Denny's Grand Slam !!!
  6. wahoo

    Steeler Fan

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