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  1. aussiesteve

    Black Friday Specials

    I saw the same question asked on another site and thought that seeing as most of the real flyers struggle to get on that site (or take it seriously) I would ask the same question here. Does anyone know what super "Black Friday" specials are coming this year? So far, I heard that DA...
  2. aussiesteve

    Assigning Throttle to a Switch on Futaba T8J

    I am trying to help a budy set up his "UAV" camera. He is using a Futaba T8J Tx to control the camera (and a 14sg for the flight controls). He is planing on using Channels 1, 2&4 for Pan, tilt & Zoom but he wants to use Channel 3 for his camera setup (Follow me, Fixed etc) To achievethis he...
  3. aussiesteve

    The B-tching thread / Steves Thread

    Ok - I have noticed lately just how full of b/s the forums in general have become. (Not only TFC but others also). They are full of personal attacks that are not done for fun, full of general nastiness that is not in fun and the post counts are really low - probably because they are not fun...
  4. aussiesteve

    Dle 222 v3

    Hi Guys Anyone here got good or bad expereinces with the DLE 222 V3? A Buddy is looking at buying one (he is giving up waiting on a shiny 200 quad) and asked me about them. I told him I would ask here as the people whose opinions I respect mostly hang out here Not interested in hearing...
  5. aussiesteve

    Powering Ignition direct from flight pack

    Ok Has anyone powered their ignition directly from their flight pack - no diodes, no IBEC, no regulator etc in between ? I have an OS GT22 coming. It is going into a plane with LiFe for the flight pack. The ignition accepts the LiFe power as-is with no need for regulators, drop down diodes...
  6. aussiesteve

    Build tables

    I have a renewed interest in Kit building and as a result am resetting my table . Last time I kit built, the table top I used was 2.4 m x 1.2m (8' x 4') and was topped with cork tiles. Due to wear and tear, that is pretty much no longer useable now so I am figuring on using my "ARF assembly...
  7. aussiesteve

    Looking for a suggestion for a 170cc Sunday flyer

    Due to a recent "incident", I have a 3W 170 CSTS looking for a home. I am looking for suggestions for an airframe for it. I have a hanger full of aerobats so I don't want "another aerobat" I am looking for something more of a "Sunday Flyer" it can be a kit build or an ARF. I want something...
  8. aussiesteve

    Shiny Stuff

    This is (mostly) for fun and is not intended to become a brand war or any sort of fanboy or vendor thread nor is it intended to slam the use of Bling. Many of us have made purchased items of Bling when other (often lower priced) items are equally or better suited to the application at hand...
  9. aussiesteve

    What does your "other half" do for you to let you enjoy your flying?

    Ok, here goes We had some trees that needed trimming down because they were shading our solar panels. Would your "missus" do this while you went out flying? :biggrin: (yes, that is mine in the Cherry picker with HER chainsaw) :thumbsup:
  10. aussiesteve

    BME 116 Exhaust suggestions

    Ok guys. I am assembling a new airframe for freestyle and am fitting a BME 116 to it. My question is for those experienced in 3d'ing a BME 116. Which Canisters should I pull the trigger on for this one and what header length are you running? My immediately available choices in Cans are...
  11. aussiesteve

    Installing Graphics

    I have never really bothered with installing graphics on planes before. Whenever I have done, I have had the guy who does my covering work do them for me when he does the covering. So consider me a "dumbass Newbie" when it comes to them. I have just received the graphics package from B & E...
  12. aussiesteve

    Check out the Jugs on these Redheads

    Santa finally made it past the Killer Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions, Sharks, Crocodiles and Aussie Women (that could be intended as a compliment - just in case it upsets any sensitivities) and delivered my big new redhead today. The other one has been around for a while and is the subject of my...
  13. aussiesteve

    3W 170 Exhaust

    I have a situation where I am having trouble fitting the Cans I have for my 170 CS in the airframe. I have the LV 90's and they are way too long as they hit the wing tube and there is not enough clearance between the wing tube and the base of the fuselage for them to squeeze through. (Airframe...