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  1. kaveman

    would like some opinions guys

    ok all im still working slowly on my aeroworks ulti 100cc ship and looking at servos im pretty well sold on the savox brand and looking at the sc-1232sg ones for the power what do you all think and recommend I want this ship to stay together not like the yak we had so im regluing allot areas and...
  2. kaveman

    rascal 110

    well gang today i pulled the plug and got my boy his first gas motor for his rascal 110 got to costly running it with the ys 120 in it so i got him the vvrc20 when it shows i will prob have him fly it with out the cowl until i can afford a pitts muffler for due to i dont want to cut up the cowl...
  3. kaveman

    thunderbird replacement

    well ok not really just my youngest son new park flyer a friend gave him a a graupner funkychicken so he has been building with a little help my freind allso gave him a turnigy sk3536-1400 for it instead of what they call for a 400 can motor i think it may be to big .i do have a eflight 370...
  4. kaveman

    airtronics stylus

    hey guys want to see if there would be any interest in a airtronic stlylus im gonna have to sell the radio has been well taken care of .had a loss in the family and my account is zerojust pm me if any interest thanks all
  5. kaveman

    what battery charger do you use

    hey guys looking for info here need to get a new battery charger for all types had a nice one which i do not remember the name of but gave it to my daughter who doesnt live close by for her heli .looking for one that is easy and idiot proof lol any good info would be greatly appreciated thanks...
  6. kaveman

    new replacement plane

    well all this weekend me and my son started assy of our new replacement plane when our yak came apart after five flights so aeroworks offered a fifty percent off any ship we wanted so i let my boy choose. it was a great offer but there was no way i could even afford 50 % off any ship so my folks...
  7. kaveman

    not r/c related but proud dad

    hey all i just have to let people know that my boy james which some of you know has won first place in his district of the 4th grade science fair now he is going for the region ,if he wins i think it goes state. im pround of him because he did do it all himself :biggrin::hurray:
  8. kaveman

    advice on motor for rascal 110

    hey guys i want to convert my sons rascal to gas so im thinking something in the 15 to 25 size gasser .he has got good enough now that he wants to flying it again since we lost our big yak .we want something cheap i know you get what you pay for but but he doesnt need a power house motor and...
  9. kaveman

    valley view props

    hey gang ive been looking around for a prop wanna get a zoar but ive seen these from valley ata reduced price which is kinda good for me on limited income do you guys think there worth it .the size i was looking at is 27/10 whats your imput thanks
  10. kaveman

    looking at a prop

    hey guys im looking at getting a zoar 27/3da prop for my yak with a 3w106 would this be a good choice or should i just go for a standard one thanks for any input and yes its from valley view r/c
  11. kaveman

    need prop

    ok all now since i finnally got this yak up and flying i had my first misshap with it i had an axel break and im looking for a prop 27/10 where is the best place and poss cheapest to get a new one i have very limited experiance with these big boys thanks :banghead:
  12. kaveman

    need help with airtronics radio setup

    hey all i need to know how to set up duel servos for elevator on my yak im using my stylus radio and cannot find any section that will tell me how so im asking anyone who may use the stylus on how to set it up thank you for any helpfull replies kaveman
  13. kaveman

    need help with reciever

    hey gang i need some help to track down a reciever for my stylus .it needs to be on 40mhz pcm due to thats what my transmitter is on .i know i can go 2.4 on it but no funds for module and reciever . this is for my yak which is finnally getting done after 2 1/4 years lol turboratt has tried to...
  14. kaveman

    looking for 3inch arm

    looking for a 3 inch arm for my rudder does anyone have one sitting around not needed for a futaba servo pm me if so kaveman
  15. kaveman

    GRAND OPENING in west covina

    dear all cirkus people melanie aka turbo ratt .is the proud manager of her own hobbystore .so on sept 4th we are planning to have a grand opening party at the store and we would like the help of the cirkus to come out and have some fun to promote the store . we are hoping to have hamburgers and...
  16. kaveman

    for sale or trade

    i have from my dad for sale or trade this vac bag system it appears to be a starter system looks complete but no vac pump was bought at the time my dad does not need it and will never use it make me a offer thanks all
  17. kaveman

    gift from the wife

    well all last week my wife got me this profile pitts for 3d flying since she knows i cant afford a motor for my yak it was a late anniversary gift from her i will be putting my saito 82 on it and this week looking around for servos for it when i get it all together i will post more complete pics...
  18. kaveman

    F/S aeroworks yak

    hey all due to lack of work and house payment due i must sell mine and james 100cc yak still new in the box all i did was hinge the rudder local pick up only im asking 800.00 plus i will throw in the tbm fuel dot got for it i dont remember if theres one or two of them cause i was gonna add smoke...
  19. kaveman

    need help with 73 qq yak

    hello all my daughter turboratt is finally fixing her yak to fly but we are in need of some landing gear for it we need to know the dimensions of it if anyone has one of these ships or a used pair .but it must be cheap due to both of us out of work just trying to get her back up in the air any...
  20. kaveman

    work tables

    ok all the ladie called me back she has 14 to 17 doors left but they are hollow core doors 27x6ft and some 8ft long i told her i would ask and see if you guys are still interested but i have to call her in the morning so let me know what you think thanks