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  1. dominicm

    Durafly Goblin Racer

    New 800mm wingspan Racer from HobbyKing. Quick assembly. Drop in your receiver and a 1000-1800mAh 4S lipoly battery and you're ready to roll. Our maiden flight video here....
  2. dominicm

    F-35B VTOL and flight transition

    Joel's aspiration to achieve vertical take off, transition to flight and vertical landing has had its challenges. There have been disappointments along the way...but he's persistent and the latest results are promising.
  3. dominicm

    Durafly Tundra v2 STOL aircraft

    The Tundra is back with some shrewd improvements that will make it more durable than it's predecessor. I highlight these and throw it about in the air during it's maiden flight. Available here:
  4. dominicm

    Stunning 1:5 scale F-16

    Jet Legend F-16 flown in superb scale style with several low passes down the strip
  5. dominicm

    Rubber band dh Tiger Moth conversion to RC

    A rubber band free flight De Havilland Tiger Moth kit converted to radio controlled electric power...and it flew so well. This 18 inch / 460mm wingspan kit is available from Vintage Model Company ( and takes very little time to build...
  6. dominicm

    Microaces Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 flying boat

    Jon Porter, Director of Microaces, demonstrates this quite awesome looking micro flying boat. The detail on this model is exceptional ! The Mercedes D.III 6 cylinder engine is just one of the detail features of this kit. The Hansa-Brandenburg flying boat can be flown off water or a smooth flat...
  7. dominicm

    Microaces Bristol F.2b (printed depron card based model)

    Jon Porter, Director of Microaces, gave me an introduction to his range of unique depron foam sheet constructed micro radio controlled historic model aircraft with the Bristol F.2b. These kits are as Jon describes a cross between a folded card model and an Airfix kit. It takes minimal skills to...
  8. dominicm

    P-51 Mustang deadstick, stall and crash

    It happens even to the best pilots.
  9. dominicm

    Ford Trimotor "THE TIN GOOSE" 3 Engine Transport

    Sharing a video I shot of a unique scale aircraft I've not seen modelled before. The interior matched the excellent detail on the exterior and it was nicely flown on the day by its owner. This 1:6 scale Trimotor has a 4 metre wingspan and was designed and constructed by Joachim Damrath. The...
  10. dominicm

    Turbine jets that perform high risk Hovering and 3D

    Rarely seen and that's no surprise because it is relatively high risk and that these jets typically cost $20K+. Not for the average RC pilot.
  11. dominicm

    North American B-25J Mitchell Medium Bomber (TopFlite RC)

    Great to see a B-25J Mitchell in a not so common scheme. Flown in great scale style by Bob at a fly-in last Spring. In the air against the sky you would think it was the real deal.
  12. dominicm

    British Airways Freewing AL37 RC twin 70mm EDF Airliner

    Takes about 1 hour to assemble and then quite a bit of effort to apply the custom scheme. A combination of automotive paint and decals. Flying this EDF jet is very easy compared to other RC jets. Flies like a trainer and slows down nicely for a flared landing.
  13. dominicm

    Emulating the RAF Red Arrows

    They don't just look like the real deal, they fly like them as well. Top skills !
  14. dominicm

    2019 RC aircraft crash compilation

    Crashing. It's all part of the hobby. Sadly.
  15. dominicm

    Micro Douglas DC-3 Dakota (with retracts & lights)

    Another creation from depron wizard Jürgen Schönle. This Douglas DC-3 Dakota features retracts and navigation lights. These micro RC aircraft take significant effort to build. Jurgen told me that some of the individual parts can take 10 attempts to create because the 0.2mm depron material used...
  16. dominicm

    Avios C-130 Hercules with parachute drop

    Exploring the slow flight characteristics of this model after a lot of feedback suggesting it 'flies like a rocket'. Just proves how wrong folks can be!
  17. dominicm

    Avios C-130 Hercules with parachute drop

    Superb re-creation of the C-130 with scale retractable landing gear and synchronised doors, flaps, operational cargo bay door and high intensity lights all round. Action from my first two flights after showing the kit itself before assembly.
  18. dominicm

    FlyFly Beechcraft DUKE B60 twin

    Took James a while to put this kit together. FlyFly kits are basically styrofoam airframes with the motor/escs thrown in so there was a lot to do. Patience paid off though and despite the excessive elevator throws it flew really well. [video]
  19. dominicm

    Jet turbine powered 50% scale Fox glider

    Manufactured by Paritech and flown by Azza Stephens at the Southern Model Show a few weeks back. Precision aerobatics at its best. Full spec of this amazing machine... Paritech Fox, 50% scale, 9 x Spektrum 6265 servos, Kingtech 210 turbine engine, 2 x Spektrum 12 channel Powersafe receivers, 4...
  20. dominicm

    Durafly Bonanza V-Tail 1940’s civilian passenger plane

    On maiden flight used too large a flight battery but on this second flight the 3S1500 transformed it into an awesome flyer.