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  1. yakken

    Talbot farm 3d event in wv

    I am hosting my second 3d event in gerrardstown, wv. 50cc and up 3d planes only. Event date is oct 18 and rain date is oct 25.
  2. yakken

    heavy duty switch

    Whats your guys thoughts on the best switch out there. I just had a very good brand fail on me tonight and almost cost me a plane. Found three out of the four wires coming out of the switch had problems. One was broken in two under the insulation the other two were getting ready to break. I...
  3. yakken

    anybody have one of these ?
  4. yakken

    Real flight 7

    Post it here if your going to host a rf7 session.:thumbsup:
  5. yakken

    can bulkhead isolators

    My bulkheads didn't come with the rubber isolators. What tubing can I use for those? Thanks
  6. yakken


    Can you run 8911hv servos on a123 batteries?
  7. yakken

    micro 3d foamie

    Whats the best micro 3d foamie?
  8. yakken

    need 40% pilot rc extra 300 wings

    Anybody have a set of 40% pilot rc extra 300 wings they wanna sell?
  9. yakken

    Indoor foamie suggestions

    i am going to be able to do some indoor flying this winter. what indoor foamie would you guys recommend?
  10. yakken

    tfc logo

    I was going to have my mom make me some shirts with the tfc logo on it. She has some very high end sewing machines that will do anything. Will I be stepping on anybodys toes or copyrights ?
  11. yakken


    Well, I have been very busy last couple weeks and I see my buddy Joe has been very lonely. Could everybody say hi to Joe. :D
  12. yakken

    need some parts

    Anybody have a set of 35% prc yak gear and a 27x10 mejzlick prop they want to sell?
  13. yakken


    >> Three dogs were sitting in the waiting room at the vet's when they > struck up a conversation. >> >> >> The Black Labrador turned to the yellow Labrador and said So why are > you here?>> >> The yellow Lab replied, "I'm a pisser. I piss on everything....the sofa, > the curtains, the cat, the...
  14. yakken

    how much air

    helping my brother put cans on a 37.5 yak. there is a hole in front of the cans where the headers hook up and one behind the cans where the exits are. the bulkheads for the cans look like they block off most of the air. do we need to add any holes or will this be ok. thanks
  15. yakken

    engine troubles

    i went to fly my 50cc bird today and the damn thing wont start. i took it home and started checking things out and found one of my a123 batts took a crap. so i hooked another battery up to my ignition and it still wont start. if i pull the plug and put it in the cap it has a good spark. engine...
  16. yakken

    muffler silencers

    do these things work????
  17. yakken

    savox servo arms

    anybody know what servo arm fits savox servos?
  18. yakken

    Exhaust flex pipe

    i have a header pipe that the flex pipe broke on. i was going to replace the flex pipe instead of buying a new header. i cant seem to locate anybody that sells metal flex pipe in 1" id. you giuys know where to get it?
  19. yakken

    tx life span

    how long do you guys use your tx before replacing it.
  20. yakken

    lipo for aurora 9

    i have searched and cant find anybody that sells a drop in lipo for the aurora 9. anybody know where to get one? thanks