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    MojoMojo peddle

    Waiting to receive my MojoMojo overdrive peddle can hardly wait to use it. She's in transit estimated time this Friday. Rock On!!:thumbsup:
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    Any Rc Musicians

    I play classical rock its my second passion. I have a fender squire strat, but my all time favorite is my Godin Session Strat. What an awesome axe the quality is very high. I practice one and a half to two hrs every day. Music is an important part of my life. I am sure there are others out there...
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    Proper engine mounting

    I am looking at purchasing Pilot Rc Sbach 73' Wingspan. I will be using O.S160FX for power. Would like to know how to achieve proper positioning for engine mount. As many use gas engines on this kit.:idea:
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    Can anyone tell me what is going on with J&R Hobby Hardware? I have tried to reach by e-mail but, with no avail. I have gone to the web sais it's under construction been like that for a while now. Have they gone out of business?:confused5:
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    Smaller Aircraft

    We seem to discuss and show larger planes.Thought we might be able to show and talk about our smaller aircraft.Here is a pic of my Super Chipmunk flies well running O.S .61FX with 12x6 Zinger.Decided to make it in my own colour scheme.
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    November Photo of the month

    Has the winner for photo of the month been chosen.
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    R/c chopper jokes

    Let's see your r/c chopper jokes with pictures.It will be fun.:biggrin::biggrin: Here is mine.
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    Like to know what's up with the online store for clothing.It appears then it say's oops can not find the page.:rolleyes2:
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    .70 Saito Engine

    Friend of mine has this engine can not get running right.He runs it on the rich side runs fine til airborne than deadsticks.If he runs it leaner keeps throwing the prop.He has tried everything he can to get it to run.I suggested to him to try using a pump.In talking to some individuals this has...
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    Phoenix sim v3

    Would like to hear from those who are using the Phoenix v3 version.How do you like it! Please explain.
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    Fuel tank size

    [CO LOR="Yellow"][/COLOR] I am using 18 oz tanks in my 27% Katana and my 27% Edge 540.I would like to increase to 24oz tanks.The tanks are over cg.I would think it's o.k.But i would like to hear feedback .I am using O.S 1.60FXs with perry pumps.Would like some extra running time.Find it a...
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    xoar props

    I have been using a zinger 18X8 prop.But have switched to Xoar laminated 18x8 love the difference.Better pulling and quieter.I am using this on O.S 1.60FX with vp 30 perry pump.By the way also love the pump as well.I know most of you guy's are gas junkies.But sorry i am a nitro cat.For you 2...
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    submit planes only

    Here is a few of my pics.
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    Nitro engines

    Would like to see how many guy's are running large nitro engines.Like the O.S 1.60FX's or Moki's.
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    Monthly Pic

    F4U Corsair
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    Fuel Tubing

    What size of fuel tubing are you using on your 1.60 FX O.S engine.Medium or large.