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  1. 3d-wanna-b

    JR 11X Help

    Is anyone on here able to order from JR America?? I need to replace a potentiometer and i called them and they have them in stock and are only 6 bucks each but they wont sell me any they want me to send the radio in, i'm not going to send the radio in and get charged $100 or more for something i...
  2. 3d-wanna-b

    Jr 11x Q&A here.

    How do I get to the service menu on the 11X?? I need to re-calibrate my sticks, I've searched the internet top to bottom and not found anything. I know good and well someone knows how to do it.. I just refuse to send my radio in for them to do something any one could do, they don got enough my...
  3. 3d-wanna-b

    Is this too much vibration from the prop adapter?

    Sure you could still fly it BUT if I where you Id replace it... I would think it could cause radio interference and is probably not good on the motor bearings as well.. Might even lose the prop in flight...
  4. 3d-wanna-b

    Battery size

  5. 3d-wanna-b

    Where's Bernie?

    Well every time I log on and browse the house of foam threads I see this one un-answered.. So I guess I'll ask, where is Bernie??
  6. 3d-wanna-b


    I have my new JR9303 up for sale... and a couple other items Go have a look:
  7. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    Thanks snap... I'll give it try when I get me another one built and see how it goes...
  8. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    Thank's for the replys guys... What prop would you recommend I go with?? What would be a good starting point on the expo settings?
  9. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    Thanks for all the replys guys... A far as expo goes I had some dialed in but cant remember now how much. The reason for the crash is I did over control it. I still cant get over how fast it is with the power setup I had on it. I watched videos of people flying the foamies and was shocked just...
  10. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    No the battery was brand new... It never flew long enough to ever get the motor, battery or esc warm. I guess I should have explained it a little better. The reason it hit the ground was me cutting the throttle both times when it got away from me. Like I said it realy cought me off guard how...
  11. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    It was a charger rc Shifty, batt was a GP 1250 15c and weight I'd say around 16oz or so didnt have a scale to weigh it.
  12. 3d-wanna-b

    Foamie Question for the guru's

    I've not been into foamies very long. I've mainly flew helis and some glow since I've been into this hobby. I decided to give foamies a try. I built one up put a 1000kv motor with apc 10x4.7 per manufacturers testing set everything up with my 9303. Like I said I have plenty of flying under my...
  13. 3d-wanna-b

    GP Lipo balance plug

    That be nice... Let me ask you this. I dont know much about lipo's and electric and such as I've been in to glow planes and heli's for yrs, but if the plugs do not mach can the plugs just be changed to style the one needed?? Shouldnt the balance plug be attached to the battery the same way no...
  14. 3d-wanna-b

    GP Lipo balance plug

    Does anyone know if the Align and the Gp electrifly batteries use the same balance plug??? I've compared pics on the net but are not sure. they look the same but just different color wires. Can anyone confirm this?
  15. 3d-wanna-b

    New JR XP9303

    Thanks for the info HD Hucker.... Glad to hear the Assan's treating you right. I think I will give it a try. i'm not flying any nitro or gas right now just electric. If you get a chance to try it in gas please come back and update how it works out for ya.
  16. 3d-wanna-b

    New JR XP9303

    I've got a new 9303 that I've not had out of the box yet. I'm thinking of converting it to 2.4. Have any of you guys ever used the Coronna or the Assan module's??? I've read some very good reviews on the Assan system but have not heard much about the Coronna system.
  17. 3d-wanna-b

    Help for Hotliner!!!

    I had one of the sirens many moons ago... I had a Axi 2826-6 w/14x9cam folder for it. The axi is a very tight fit but will fit with all inside including wires. Youll need to use a little shoogoo or something on the wires to help hold them to the bottom of the fuse so they dont rub the can as it...
  18. 3d-wanna-b

    Century Swift16

    Here you go.. Check out the fallfest 2006 video at the bottom of the page of adam turner flying the stock Swift with no mods out of the box stock setup... Wish I where that good...
  19. 3d-wanna-b

    Century Swift16

    Anyone flying a Swift?? I just purchased one lastnight off tower. I think I got a pretty good deal on it since by the time they took off the $20 discount and what little I had in my tower account I got if for $120.89 shipped