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    Aging Electronics

    Hi, I had a pilot call me today and he had bought a PowerExpander Eq10 at a swap meet recently. He installed it but found that if he flexed the unit that it was intermittent. This brings up something that we should all think about. Care and feeding of our electronic equipment. One thing you...
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    Advisory: Futaba FASST Compatibility

    All of our PowerEpanders and PowerSystems, no matter when they were manufactured, are compatible with the Futaba FASST receivers, in particular the 14-channel 6014 FASST receiver. We have always accepted a servo control voltage down to at least 2.4V, most of our systems will support a receiver...
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    Advisory: Receiver Connections

    When connecting a receiver to any Smart-Fly PowerExpander or PowerSystem, you should never plug any of the receiver pigtails into any battery port on the receiver. On PCM systems this will usually put the receiver into Direct Servo Control (DSC) mode where it will stop listening to the...