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    Post questions about new software here!

    If you are having questions about how to do something on the new software, please post them here. If you cannot get into a forum, you could before, please post here. This is where I'll be checking on anything I need to explain or fix for you.
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    TFC is converting to new software tonight.

    HI all The forum will be different late tonight or in the morning. There is a software conversion scheduled for tonight. TFC will be on XenForo in the morning. There will be a short time where the back end is tweaked to this site's set up. IF you cannot get on the forum, go to the...
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    Photo of the Month - November 2017

    Neat photos! Great start. How about some more?
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    Redo - Photo of the Month of November 2017

    Greetings flyers Please enter your RC photos here and on Oct 31st, I'll put up a poll for voting on the Photo of the Month. The photo will appear in the header section of the forum, and on the cover TFC Facebook page. So, dazzle us with your photos!
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    Where have you been flying lately? Photos?

    I know you all must still be flying and the weather in most of the country has been pretty decent lately, so where have you been flying? Any comments about how good it was? Any photos?
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    Drone Regulations impacting old RC flyers?

    I was hunting around for something interesting about the RC flying and thought it would be interesting to see what you all thought about this article and outlook? Since drones have come become normal to regular public that doesn't really know of RC flying, these things may come up to bite...
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    Just curious -- rc drone effecting rc planes

    Hi all I enjoy looking at the photo and videos here, but I just thought of a question. I see drones in the news and recently one was shot down spying on someone sun bathing in their fenced back yard, and the Dad of that girl got in trouble for the flying electronic peeping tom shooting...
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    Photos of Planes and weather

    How about showing me some planes that are against lowering clouds, or beautifully fluffy clouds? Any other type of weather showing. I guess that would be considered Spring photos if in the South west or east.
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    Becoming a TFC Vendor/Sponsor

    If you want to use this community for ANY type of commercial activity such as posting in this forum you must be a TFC Sponsor. To read more and sign up please visit:
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    Photo of the Month - new way

    Hi all, Let's try some photo of the month. But this time, anyone can enter a photo, then the group can vote on the photo. This is a past winner using the old method:
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    Hi all

    I'm Angie and do Admin stuff, but Brutus is the day to day Admin and we are looking at another mod or two and have reached out to at least one more today. What has made the RV aspect of the forum dry up? What would get it being a vibrant community once again? If you don't want to post it...