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    Carb fuel inlet fitting

    I have a DLE 30 that has a broken fuel nipple on the carb, I remember Jodi saying you can replace them, I did a search and found twisting nipples , burnt dildo smell, but no part number , just Jodi saying they are available and he has some, can anyone help with a part number?
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    DLE20 wont run over half throttle

    The engine is about 1 year old and has never been ran until today, rocked the prop back and forth and watched it pull fuel to carb, closed choke flipped 2 times and it popped opened choke and flipped 1 time and it was idling, bumped throttle up to about 1/4 ,let run for about minute and then...
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    what glue do you use for hinges

    what kind of glue do you use for robart hinges, i have looked and found some said gorilla glue ,others said epoxy,and others said tite bond,and some said thick ca, but if i remember right ca causes the hinges to get brittle