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    New pilot shirts

    We have several other pilot shirt designs and all come in lots of colors and small to 5xl. Thanks
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    New brown out pilots shirt

    Our new design is selling fast. Get you one! Comes in lots of colors and sizes small to 5XL
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    Brown out Pilots shirt

    Makes a great Christmas gift. Lots of colors and sizes
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    New Pilot shirts

    Yes I've done it more than once. Makes a great Christmas gift , lots of colors and sizes small to 5xl
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    How to hover inverted nose in video

    I hope this helps a few pilots
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    New Red Bull 130 X
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    Crashed on my latest under car flight

    Crash then success
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    Inverted under a Jeep

    I little fun with the 130 X
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    Some 3D with my 130 X

    When the 130 X is right it is great Join the 130 X Facebook page
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    A bike ride with the 130 X

    Just having a little fun with my 130 X
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    Side by side comparison Blade Nano through 300 X

    A short video of side by side comparison of the Blade Nano,Mcpx V1,Mcpx Bl, 130 X and 300X featuring the new Mcpx BL
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    Nano vs ceiling fan

    I've done this a few times with no problem so decided to video and well it didn't go as expected
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    Good flight then my 300 X went down

    The flight after this video my motor blew up in flight. That would have made a good video. Lost power and dropped like a brick making a lot of noise. I was doing some tic tocs and I thought the main shaft broke. Took it apart and the bottom motor bearing is gone...
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    New Blade 130 x upgrades weigh less than stock

    Nothing better than upgrades that weigh less than the stock parts
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    Got a new canopy for my Blade 300 X

    Just got it in and really like it
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    Microheli weighted grips work on Blade 130x

    My daughter didn't feel like videoing so its a little shaky but its good enough to see the new grips work
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    Tip for changing D gear on Blade 130X

    So I figured out a simple trick to make changing the D gear a little easier. Works for me maybe it will help someone else
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    Got my Fusuno 130x canopy
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    130x flies like a bigger heli

    Nice relaxed flight with my 130X. It really flies like a bigger heli
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    More inverted limbo

    Love my Mcpx!