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    Set temp alarm to ?

    I'm setting up a DLE 60 twin and it is the first gasser I will have temp telemetry. What do you set the alert to go off at? I was thinking 300f would be safe?
  2. J

    Mac Hodges B29, latest crash

    Did you guys see this? This was the earlier one.
  3. J

    Soldering station shopping

    I'm looking at soldering stations and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. This would be an occasional use item for me, so it doesn't have to be commercial quality or price. For larger wire, like around 90 watts. Thoughts?
  4. J

    Carbon Z Carbon Cub

    Anybody have any opinions on this large bind and fly foam Cub?
  5. J

    Solar powered vent/fan for trailer?

    Has anyone tried one of the solar fan roof vents on their airplane trailer? If so, what unit did you install, and did you get a decent temp drop?
  6. J

    Gas engine for Reactor bipe?

    So I have an arf to build and am wondering about a gas engine w/o making it too much of a pig. 91 four stroke glow is the top of the recommendation, or Rimfire 80. Saito FG17? Maybe VVRC 20? Thoughts?