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  1. JohnBer

    RC plane motor and battery requirement

    how much power ya want. for simple figure 750 watts a hp, then figure out the weight. there are lots of programs out there on google that will tell ya what ya need.
  2. JohnBer

    So.....looks us users abandoned you for quite awhile.

    I amguilty as anyone. man this was the best site on the net at one time....lets make it that again! Need a grouch from TOM tho. Us ole frts are funny.
  3. JohnBer

    RC plane motor and battery requirement

    figure out the watts you need to fly it.....then figure out the flying time you want and the weight you you can have left.
  4. JohnBer

    Hostetler 113in Super Chipmunk

    had a goldberg 90 size chipmunk, was a great lil plane. watching with interest.
  5. JohnBer

    Post questions about new software here!

    i get the messages but cannot access also
  6. JohnBer

    Where is everybody?

    //so.... did i just piss everybody off or what
  7. JohnBer

    New brown out pilots shirt

    need one that shows flyers pants expanded on the rear end.........think it would sell much better as we ALL have been there!
  8. JohnBer

    Where is everybody?

    stupid work.....i hardly git to fly.
  9. JohnBer

    3D Farm Flying

    lol people were watching. or ..... you were to messed up to see em.
  10. JohnBer

    Austro Hungarian Albatros D-III Scratch Build

    very impressive work Sir!
  11. JohnBer

    PAU 42% Extra Rebuild

    more than likely the dog thought he was protecting a human from the horse. I have a 100 pound plus heinz 57 and he is the most lovable pup.....till he thinks someone (or thing ) should not be around us. Then he gets ornery in a hurry. 99.9% of the time he is just happy with everything. Dont...
  12. JohnBer

    PAU 42% Extra Rebuild

    looks GREAT Tseres, but the blue thing behind it distracts me sumtin awful!
  13. JohnBer

    The Difference between the Gold Wing Rc and ARF Brand

    what they get for arfs is dirt cheap....and they fly really good.Build a carden in spc and fly that,whole new world!!
  14. JohnBer

    The "I'm going out and flying" thread

    18*f here this mornin.....thinkin alaskan coffee and the wood stove today.
  15. JohnBer

    I am so weak....

    still have the ole h-9 extra......ready for something new though.
  16. JohnBer

    I am so weak....

    34 here white Christmas but mamma got me a i need a plane fer it.
  17. JohnBer

    DA 50 with Pitts

    got a 61 to put on my sukhoi, less than 2 gallons sinse it was sent into DA. $450
  18. JohnBer


    I think you embarrassed me...... Kudos!
  19. JohnBer

    I am so weak....

    really? my saito 180 ate more than that.