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  1. Chad H

    Small 10cc gas engine from Evolution

    Seen a ad for this in the last magazine I glanced at:
  2. Chad H

    Kyle Franklin`s Demon 1 "Dracula"

    Kyle Franklin has a new ride for this years airshow circuit, and I want a giant scale model of it bad.........Dracula! After a tragic air show season last year with the loss of his wife Amanda, Kyle is back giving life a kick in the azz with the completion of this awesome beast. At first...
  3. Chad H

    Guy killed by glider in Germany......

    Happened New Years Day.
  4. Chad H

    Great Planes Electric Mr Mulligan quick review.

    I did not know if I should put this little model quick review here, or on the "Planes, Kits, & Frames" thread. I felt maybe here, because it`s not a usual TFC GS gasser that is the hub of TFC interests, although I see more larger electric builds lately. Fell free to move it moderators where it...
  5. Chad H

    What RC toys are U gettin` for Christmas?

    Curious to find out what new models or gear that might be show cased and reviewed on here in the new year? I got a hint from my brother a month or so a go to stay away from the LHS or else he`s gonna put a beating on me. I know he knew :rolleyes2: I was thinking of ordering the Great...
  6. Chad H

    Anybody bought this little bugger yet....?

    26 inch span.
  7. Chad H

    Question on KV size choice for motor

    Guys, right now I am flying a 57 inch span model powered by a Turnigy G60 400kv motor swinging a 15 X 8 Zoar electric prop, with 6 cell 4000 mah Turnigy Nanotech for juice. I got pretty lucky guessing this set up a year a go or so, and have been really happy with the excellent performance...
  8. Chad H

    Horizon UMX Gee Bee R-2

    Today I stopped by my LHS and was completely blown away seeing a stack of these tiny Gee Bee`s in there. I have been out of the loop lately, and missed the pre -hype crap over this one a couple months ago I...
  9. Chad H

    New 74 inch Edge from 3DHS

    New release from 3DHS, a 74 inch span Edge 540 designed for electric with a easy access hatch, or can use a 30cc gas or large glow. I have been anticipating this model for almost a year since ProBroMatt-chew mentioned it was in the works. I want one. :biggrin: 74" Edge 540 - Silver 74" Edge...
  10. Chad H

    57 Inch Electric Extra 330SC 50E from

    After watching my bud John M turn from dissing electrics last season,to flying one the majority of the time he is at our strip (about every day) this season, and seeing how much fun he is having, I had to give one a shot. I could not deny his praise of not having to bring a bunch of extra crap...
  11. Chad H

    Anyone interested in a build review of a little 57 inch China Extra 300SC?

    Just wanted to toss this out there if there is any interest in this little plane and I`ll do a build thread this month into next with lots of pics and a review. If not, then I`ll just keep all the fun to myself, and you can read about me crashing it on my flight log :ack:
  12. Chad H

    SDSHobby 30cc Edge 540 Assembly

    Well, as on the other thread I have on this model, I was very happy with the quality and flight performance of the 30cc MSX-R I got from Peakmodel, and I have now gotten the full blown gasser bug and wanted a third gas model. I found out through a nice chap by the name of Grover (Greg) in...
  13. Chad H

    Sullivan Skywriter Smoke Pump Help Needed.

    I have a Skywriter pump in my one plane, and my bud also has one in his. We are both using the same TX, a 11X. Every so often they will not run. You can change the speed of the pump through the TX by increasing the travel adjustment through what ever channel you have the pump plugged into. I...
  14. Chad H

    New Peakmodel 30cc Edge 540

    Peak model Aircraft : Peakmodel!, The Art of E-commerce has just released their new 74 inch 30cc Edge 540 for $399 bucks with FREE SHIPPING from China. 74 EDGE540 30CC A - $399.00 : Peakmodel!, The Art of E-commerce Early orders get a free spinner and prop. If that is a carbon fiber spinner...
  15. Chad H

    New Hanger 9 33% Pawnee 80cc ARF

    For those who have to have their planes as well as their women big and ugly....yur in luck! lol: 33% Pawnee 80cc ARF (3 Boxes) (HAN5190): Hangar 9
  16. Chad H

    Any color options for new 30cc Edge?

  17. Chad H

    Orange 50cc Edge, NICE!

  18. Chad H

    Chad H Flight Log

    I always look through everyone else`s flight logs to read all the scuttle butt and keep my ear to the ground on what`s going on out there at the clubs. I want to join in on the fun, but their won`t be much that is not run-of-the-mill on here with my planes or flying, just me and a couple others...