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    Is CERMARK Still in Business?

    Guys, I placed an on-line order with Cermark. The afternoon of the order they sent me a notice of a billing problem. So over the last three days, I have tried to contact Cermark about this problem by both phone and email but I have received no response. Is Cermark still in business but their...
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    IMAC Elections Coming UP!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2009-2010 National IMAC Officers and Regional Directors (aka BOD) elections are rapidily approaching - voting starts in approximately 48 hours! There have been several threads on the web where the Presidential and Vice Presidental candidates have presented their...
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    IMAC Officer Nominations

    IMAC Nominations for Officers are open and can be emailed to me at [email protected] and I will get them posted onto the IMAC website. Thank you for your help. Bobby IMAC BOD Secretary