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    wow I need to cut back on the cola's a bit it looks like :smash: that foamy is sooooo smooth in the air :thumbsup:
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    did the vid come out ok ????
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    Cactus and 3W

    Well then I will jump on the band wagon, Sent one of my engines in to jeff for a quick look and check out ,he seems very good at what he doseHe called when he said he would and shipped the same. Gerhart would do the same, Bobby not even close. but like it was said options are nice :thumbsup:
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    OMP YAK55 Build

    conrad I just ordered 6 of them for my yak I like to here that they rock
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    Get your shirts,hats,stickers now!

    count me in for a XL shirt for sure maybe, my old cirkus hat is looking pretty worn. Vinyl for sure. flex fit ok
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    OMP YAK55 Build

    Very cool now work it over before you have to go to work:D
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    OMP YAK55 Build

    Today very good day! right C
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    26% Pilot-RC YAK 54

    He!! open a beer for that plane. Talk to me Sunday at the field about servos
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    Awesome Videos!

    That was a Great weekend
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    Pro-Flow 3-D Canisters

    Sweet about the time plane will start going together. Thanks
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    Pro-Flow 3-D Canisters

    Hmm how long before the 100-120 cans are ready?
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    Hitec 7954SH

    That is great to hear because I am ordering 8 of them for my Yak
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    Got it and only minimal repair

    Got it and only minimal repair
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    I have both and am on my 4th edge and 3 aeroworks the new edge flys great and with the slick wings will act like an extra. But again both mfg. fly great but for after sale I have had zero problems with Tom or his planes. Long ramble short pick the one you like and have fun:D
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    They are still there I think he is working on the site
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    picked up the Yak today has some hanger rash but with wing bags and linkages and throttle and...

    picked up the Yak today has some hanger rash but with wing bags and linkages and throttle and choke servos plus some other extra bits for 5 bones it was a friggin great dealand it is friggin tight in the car holy **** is it tight like spinner and prop off rudder turned all the way over tight but...
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    What are you thankful for?

    A roof over my head Money in the Bank 2 great kids Alot of great friends And not to be at work for 3 days And last but not least my planes and a nice field to fly them at
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    OMP YAK55 Build

    Conrad cans are not so bad and yes wild hare has cans and headers Iam running one right now measuring the drop and where the mount goes are the hardest part. Call Tom he can tell ya and YES that engine is sounding good can't wait to see it all together
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    Kenspeckle's New Adventures

    Next time your in Dallas area look for mikes hobby store on 35E south of sandy lake and just look around
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    OMP YAK55 Build

    Remember that Butter is better MUCH....