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    Where is everybody?

    i have not flown much at all last year. my brother and i got into bicycling and the planes have been put on the back burner.
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    40% recover? what covering?

    Update. See i still check in :)
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    New DLE 55 RA Carb?

    At wot?
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    Where is everybody?

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    H9 3.1m Sukhoi

    Nice flying
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    H9 3.1m Sukhoi

    Nice flying
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    H9 3.1m Sukhoi

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    Yakken flight log
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    Testing photo uploading.

    Ill see if i can post some
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    wanting to purchase: Hanger 9 46% TOC ULTIMATE PLEASE CALL 619-961-8724 IF YOU H

    Wish i was closer to ya i would buy it
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    car thread

    I have always liked the 80 body style.
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    Where is everybody?

    I still check in, but i got to keep a low profile. I hid buttfaces froggy and he cant find it.:)
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    The Colorado Thread

    But the plane is upside