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  • They're all on FG under the thread titled, 'Hitec 7950"..just do a search and you can find it. Seems like its pretty consistent with JR DS2/Spectrum, unregulated having glitching issues....just the setup I'm running. Hitec, Mike Mayberry was pretty responsive on most of the questions, but then went silent on this issue with this setup...hhmmm. I went with 7911HV's and will see how it goes once I get everything installed. Putting the 7950's that I have in some smaller birds 50cc electric 3DHS Slick. I decided on FlightPower EON 7.2V 3800 Lipos as well. Running my Yak on the SmartFly EQ10 and may try the Votec on the 1222 PowerSafe receive depending on how the Yak goes. Going with 8711HV's at 1 servo/elev, 2 servos/aileron, 2 on the rudder and an 8717HV on throttle.
    I found the more you pay for stuff you always get more than you bargain for.
    I hope my 7950's don't "GIVE ME NO ****!"
    Can you give me some more details on the "glitching" ..any links?
    I am going to use the TP 3,800v2 lipos....whatch you gonna use?
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