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    Favorite Shots

    I took that photo. You guys were waiting for a tea-bag job...:leaving:
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    My new 144" build thread

    two years later, but got 'er done. Nice job!
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    CARF-Models 2013 Series 3.1m Extra 330SC

    still pretty expensive airframes there. I was expecting those prices to come down a little by now. They still made here?
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Hoping all the best to all of the Circus freaks... :biggrin:
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    72MHz to 2.4GHz power question

    I believe the difference is in the Rx response times. The 2.4GHz is faster, and that results in a greater surge load as the servos push out with more authority and hence are subject to more wind load.
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    Crash or Landing?

    Crash. But, an old friend, Rabbit Ron Schuler would shout "LANDING" any time an aircraft met the ground unintentionally. I always loved his sarcasm...:leaving:
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    throwin' the rag doll around

    You missed out on the one I sold... was a super deal. Some guy in PA bought it, paid for a crate and shipping. You had your shot...
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    Soldering station shopping

    I got this one for work, and it is just awesome!
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    Seat belts?

    Wow, those guys are just epic stupid.
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    2.4GHz Upgrade for the QQ Yak 86"

    HaHa, you think? Fighting the Zombie Apocalypse would be pretty difficult with a 50cc airplane. A few firearms and a pile of ammo is definitely a better defense.
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    2.4GHz Upgrade for the QQ Yak 86"

    Well, it has been two years since I spent all this money to upgrade this beautiful airplane to 2.4GHz. In all of that time, this thing never made it to the field for any flying. Just a month after this was completed, some significant things changed in my personal life that caused me to have far...
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    Anything thread.

    Too bad it's a slimer...
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    Anything thread.

    That guy was doing that on the Discovery Channel the other day, amazing control!
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    Stupid People

    Sorry, my head was in to the catastrophic potential, and how it bears on RC flying. Two coppers lift lady, one chopper breaks, lady pulls broke one down on her head, splitting her face open, the other can't carry the load, get's a big jerk, lose control, chops lady's arm to pieces as she...
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    Stupid People

    This is what we need.... <iframe src="" width="567" height="345" frameborder="0"></iframe>