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  • Tman,

    Didnt you build an 86 inch QQ yak with a cannister? I still have mine and was thinking of putting a cannister on it, I have a DA 50 in it, if this was you, do you remember what header and can you used? Thanks for any info in advance and sorry if I have the wrong person.


    You have done some video so I solicit your opinion on software to use. I recently bought a Canon HF-M31 video camera (going to Maui in Oct. for 60th b-day). The files are AVHCD up to 1920x1080. What software do you like for editting the vids? I have the software that came with the camera - ok for archiving but not much good for editting, etc.

    If you want a fantastic computer monitor, look at the 27 inch Samsung at Costco - $299. I bought one recently and love it for everything - fling sim, word processing, etc. Awesome contrast and great color rendition.
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