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    Hi all

    I don't disagree.
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    Is Stihl HP a semi synthetic oil.

    Full synthetic as such is defined by oil manufacturers. Stihl also has a natural oil blend.
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    50% Hempel Wolf Pitts Pro

    Very, very nice!!
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    New site is lookin' good!

    Hood River
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    New site is lookin' good!

    I am, sorry, I forgot you had called.
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    FAA Registration

    Change in plans, today, 1/19/16, the AMA told everyone they need to register, It's still basically free until the 21st. This will be my last year with the AMA. "Members required to register with FAA AMA members are now required by regulation to register their aircraft with the FAA to avoid...
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    FAA Registration

    The completely FAA ineffectual AMA is recommending its members delay registering themselves until the last possible moment. They are still hoping the FAA comes up with some rule that will force everyone that flies RC and multirotors to join the AMA with the new inflated membership fee in order...
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    The "I'm going out and flying" thread

    Now that's cold!
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    The "I'm going out and flying" thread

    Nippy indeed, it's 29* here.
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    Any interest in starting this again for 2016?

    Pam's comment on the lack of a Home Page was a very good one. I like the idea of resuming the photo of the month and perhaps we might subcategorize it a little to provide for those that shoot their pictures from the air. Two distinctly different photo perspectives, with both being relevant to...
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    The "I'm going out and flying" thread

    I can get lower and slower than you can, but I cheat;) Nice shots
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    The "I'm going out and flying" thread

    Careful, someone will likely call in a UFO sighting;) Looks like you were having fun. Only 10 minutes worth?
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    Need help. Blade 300 CFX battery alternative

    I would need to know more than I do about the model you have but a safe bet is to review the instruction manual and Horizon website to determine what they note for battery sizes while also noting what type of connectors they employ on the helicopter. The Horizon site notes an 11.1V 3S 1350mAh...