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    Hey Snappy, I read all of your posts on FG. I would be honored to have you as a friend. Do you still have the 60% Extra.
    Hey Elie, do you still have any of them Snap stickers left? I know its an old topic from another forum, but I just grew the nards to do snap-rolls on take-off with my biggest bird! Scared the sh*t out of on-lookers who didn't know, lmao! I'd like one or two of yours to slap on the tail!

    Hi Snap,
    I am from cleveland,
    I fly with Joe Stek, Nick Carrozza, Dave Chisholm and so on.
    Jim Simer and myself are planning to attend you event. I think you came to Doc's event last year or said you would again if we come to yours!
    Well.... We plan to be there!
    See you soon,
    Jim Zeroff

    Camping or hotels in the area?
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