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    Shop Expansion

    Barry: You are my kind of guy.:) Carol keeps telling me to bring planes into the house because the shop is overfilled. :( I do manage to survive:D
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    Barry's Status

    What the hell is it with your pool, How can I swim in it now?:p Oh well I am going to Idaho and there is a pool there.:confused:
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    Lion Air Extra 260

    There you go - sneaking off when I turn by back.:(
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    July 3 Fly?

    Remember ST i invited you to go so you could learn some humility.. I am anything but Boring :exercise6: :(
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    July 3 Fly?

    I will be on my way to Idaho for a week of fun in the sand dunes:) See Avatar:D:D
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    Her Name???

    Must be a friend of you know who.:maad:
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    Mithy's Rudder Tray

    It does the same as a SWB, just a different approach. Think out of the BOX:p
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    Nats 2009

    Looks like a great group. Good luck JB :):):)
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    How Secure Is Your

    OCMA is located on private property that is owned by the Irvine Co. We are in a development area for them, when we went in they told us that within 5 years they would start building in our area. We have an annual access permit that expires each June. Since then the economy has tanked and all...
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    New Thunder Tiger 40% Katana

    The engine is on the FRONT, great concept :exercise:
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    This is why Congress is boged down

    I wonder if that kid is related to Arnold???????????:BS:
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    This sounds bad, I have Granite countertops.:(
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    Anything thread.

    That was cute - however I have seen RabitRon and ST do much more entertaining displays of flying ability. That is just my opinion however:D:D
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    Mithy's Rudder Tray

    While it looks cute I would suspect that setting it up with stacked wheels would require a method of sliding the servos to set the belt tension. Another gadget to get your money. Not mine :boxing:
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    I suspect he forgot right rudder:confused: