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    Rocky/ Thunder Tiger

    Rocky, Great to see you back at it. I thought you would look taller in China! Do you get to keep that jump suit or do you have to give it back to my Dad? Congratulations on your new gig!
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    West coast huckfest

    Yeah, no.....Sorry Bro but life got busy down here and limited funds sort of made our decision for us. I'm sure you'll be able to break something all on your own! Plus Brian doesn't return phone calls any more and BBP is butt hurt over the whole thing! LOL Have fun and we'll meet up sometime...
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    West coast huckfest

    Who's traveling up from So Cal to this event? I need a ride for the PA system. Let me know and I'll make arrangements to get it to you. THANKS!
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    Pilot RC

    Rocky, my biggest bitch is the hardware included in most arfs, not just TT's. Most of it's crap and needs to be replaced. I'm just saying. Other things I'd like to see are solid side areas for switches, optional servo bays in the back of the fuse for direct rudder servos, a quick release...
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    Pilot RC

    I'm building one right now for a friend. It's the green and black 100cc Extra 260. As for the kit, like most ARF's, it's got pros and cons. The covering is great, the build is good, the fit is so-so and some of the hardware sucks. For the money, it's not a bad ARF but like the Aviation...
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    Good Friday Flying?

    Tony, Neal and Brian (Postie and BBP) are out of town but a few of us will be out early tomorrow at Riverside. Not sure about the FOG's of Friday's but we all get along for the most part. Donuts help
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    Looking for Pro Builder info...

    PM me and we can talk. You can't go wrong with anyone mentioned. Thanks for the plug Howard. Corky
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    RIP Wendell King

    Jordan, I gave it 24 hours to sink in from hearing the news about your dads passing and I still have no words to express the sorrow I feel for you and your family. Just know that your Dad can fly every day now with clear skies and no pain. Your Dad will be missed by all of us. May he rest in...
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    toc yak 54 build

    Funny? Wait until you see the plans for a 3W 37.5 Yak! 5 pages of pencil drawings......THAT"S IT! Tad, your plane is looking great!
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    Roll Call...

    Time to check in I guess. -I delete more than I post. -I can't land so I build. -I shop at Showtimes -I WILL build for beer. Best events: -Fresno -El Centro -Bakersfield -Las Vagas -Rabbit Sponsored by: -Neal's money laundering -Brian's hobby trailer -Mike's E1 service calls...
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    What am I missing?
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    Congrats Mike!
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    Labor Day Fly?

    Great day at the field! I must have been a bit camera shy but it's all good. Thanks to Showtime, the F.O.G.'s were kept at bay by way of the doughnuts (good suggestion Howard). I still think that warbird was trying to fly through Barry's trailer. Congrats Tony on the maiden, what a great...
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    Labor Day Fly?

    Yes, it is normally F.O.G y on Mondays but usually not on holidays. It's kind of a crap shoot. Neal and I will be there for your maiden T man. Here's the web page with the application and rules. See you all on Monday!
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    TMan's TOC 37.5%

    T - I think I have a few rolls of that covering, thanks to Tim Long. They're yours if you want them.