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    Hostetler 113in Super Chipmunk

    looking good, be glad when I can get mine to this stage.
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    Rcgf 120

    my son an I are running the rcgf 30, 40, an 70 all twins. so far they have been very impressive
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    Hostetler 113in Super Chipmunk

    thank you for the reply, the plans are not the best I have worked with. I will be following your build an asking questions along the way if you don't mind?
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    Hostetler 113in Super Chipmunk

    Hey Mr Tom, I just received my kit last week an have a few questions if you don't mind?? was mocking up the fuse an with the 2 sides plugged into the firewall my sides are 1/8" to wide for the formers according to the plans, almost like the slots was cut 1/16" to wide?? was also looking at...