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    *NEW* HobbyKing EFX Racer

    that ship is a hot little number saw one at the field a couple of week ago very fast and fun
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    Bi-Plane fly in

    wow I like to bad its in texas but please post pics of the event
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    Hitec 7950s for sail

    just kidding bro worth the price your asking I cant even afford the 50 at this time lol
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    Hitec 7950s for sail

    I need and will give you $50 total for all
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    Greetings from the newbie

    welcome to the circus and we wont hold it against you as a probro :biggrin:
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    February-March, 2014, Photo of the Month

    well heres my entry not as good as all of you but a little horizon champ so my kids can learn on and have fun in the school yard
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    Carbon Z Carbon Cub

    a guy had one at my last air show it was ok flew good just not my cup of tea
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    Anything thread.

    sweet man love the oldies even the one with the strait six in it
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    Evergreen Museum of flight/ Spruce goose

    nice to see the old girl in a good home
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    Anything thread.

    you can send one over in to my yard anytime but I will shoot it down and keep it for my self lol
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    Looking for Judges for January and Febuary

    im in if you need still
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    TeamFlyingCircus Shirt Giveaway!

    xl anything
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    The AMR Trainer 26 Giveaway!

    if I win I will do a build thread and full flight report then again I don't win lol I got bad luck for anyluck lol
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    back at you all guys and gals let hope for a better year next year for all
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    The AMR Trainer 26 Giveaway!

    posted to news letter this is great from them thanks