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    EME 60 with Bowman ring

    Did your engine rpm ever increase on the 24x8 3D prop you were using ??
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    Austro Hungarian Albatros D-III Scratch Build

    Ditto that but like the P51D Mustang I just have not gotten around to building one yet, but hopefully one of these days.
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    Austro Hungarian Albatros D-III Scratch Build

    Wow, now if that isn't a labour of love then I really don't know what is.
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    I am so weak....

    My sentiments exactly.
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    Warbird- World Models 80" Zero build

    Running out of fuel happens to the best of us.
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    40% Robert Godfrey Extra 300

    Great rebuild. When do you plan on doing the re-maiden and best of luck whenever you do.
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    I am so weak....

    Taking this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy New Year when it arrives which is just about 15 hours from now.
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    Is Stihl HP a semi synthetic oil.

    I posed the question to Stihl recently and got an e-mail reply from a member of their tech group, who advised me that their HP branded oil is a excellent quality mineral oil and not a semi synthetic as I had previously thought. Their HP Ultra is a synthetic oil.
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    Is Stihl HP a semi synthetic oil.

    I was of the impression that Stihl HP oil is a semi synthetic blend but would appreciate if someone can confirm that it is, or is not. Thanks.
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    2.4 went into fail-safe

    Was always told to leave the last inch of the antennas exposed for maximum reception.
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    2.4 went into fail-safe way, fly FrSky :thumbsup:
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    The AMR Trainer 26 Giveaway!

    I signed up for the News letter. If I won I would donate this to my club. Karol
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    Stihl Ultra versus Stihl semi synthetic

    Thanks big time for the offer but trust me it's really not worth the hassle, of course it would be a much different matter if it was a life or death affair. Firstly we have no overland parcel post service like you guys do except for private courier service like DHL which would cost an arm and a...