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  • JD Even the darkest night has its sunrise. GREAT NEWS!!!! Looks like the HIWAY 41 FLYERS WILL RISE AGAIN, check out our web site for details! in a nut shell its not a place where were gonna need permission to fly, not a lease BUT the club will own the property!!!! STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS! I wasnt sure how to start a new topic so I thiught I would send you the news to post somthing...Thanks Jd www.hiway41flyers.org
    How do I post a 9 mb clip of Rocky's routine with ST? Only lasts about 5 seconds but it is a pretty good chuckle.

    Nice meeting with you.

    I am not involved with that hospital. But I am involved with some. I have had a youth program that was very successfull for over 2 years. Call me 760-985-4577.. I have 4 people going to try o donate blood. Me and my girlfriend will also donate.
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