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    Who`s using a LiPo in their TX?

    Hey Cody, good to be back on here. And good to hear from you too CC, you old bag of dirt. I loved the super capacity of the Lipo, just hated sitting watching the charger to 11.6 and shutting it down. Butas you said, shoulda programmed the charger (doh!). So no worries with the Life now over...
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    Who`s using a LiPo in their TX?

    Just started flying this season last week. Had a mild heart attack this spring, and a stent put in, with a big change in eating habits, lifestyle, and priorities. Now I want to fly some again. So here I am. I changed my Zippy lipo in my JR TX (been shutting off the charger at 11.6 volts) to...
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    Small 10cc gas engine from Evolution

    Seen a ad for this in the last magazine I glanced at:
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    BUSA 1/4 scale Fokker D-VII Build

    Pile o work man. Lookin good!!! :thumbsup:
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    DLE 20 mods

    Gimme a link to the S-bluck yur gettin` ready dude. I wanna` checks it out!
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    Sounds of a Typical Day at the Field,,,

    Shat! I forget my transmitter! Fugg! I forgot my gas can! I don`t know what happened. I was just doing a simple (insert maneuver here) and all of a sudden she went right in............. It`s sure nice out here! So peaceful with out the old battle axe ragging on me....friggin` beeetch...
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    Brutus Flight Blog

    Love Waco`s man. Like the Jimmy Franklin version`s, and the Taperwing. Saw Bob Lyjack fly one when I was a kid at the Mt. Hope airshow. He used to do a snap on take off. Link below. Someday I wan`t to build a quarter scale Taperwing, along with a Platt Jungmiester. Someday......... Where...
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    what battery charger do you use

    If your serious about charging your packs properly, you need a good switching power supply. A actual regulated transformer. These are two my brother and I use for charging our RC batteries. Both are 50 amps continuous. They are about 24 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. The Astron...
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    BUSA 1/4 scale Fokker D-VII Build

    Looking awesome. Cool build. I can smell all that balsa dust from here! For those that might be interested, I`m doing a 1940 old timer build on another forum, and will be adding a how too section later on this spring on using old fashioned dope and silk that I learned from a few old time...
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    BUSA 1/4 scale Fokker D-VII Build

    Hey, a actual "build" on a really cool plane (besides just david010567`s builds that is). This is going to be cool. Just like the old I think the best thing that could ever happen to the hobby, oh for at least two to three years, is the see the ARF market vanish, and make the...
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    what battery charger do you use

    I am using this HK Turnigy charger with four seperate charging ports that can handle 50 watts a port. I am powering it with a 35 amp regulated power supply. I charge 3 six cell 4000 mah...
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    EQ10 issue

    It`s funny you should say this! Years ago in the mid 80`s when our club (Hamilton Flying Tigers) lost our sod farm, we went temporarily to a full size strip out in the boonies. Then the neighbors got together with the township and got us kicked out. Well my brother and I find out a while later...
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    Great Planes Electric Mr Mulligan quick review.

    Yep Clown, I`m a bonified model airplane nerd....... A airplane history studying geek of the highest order, complete with tape in the middle of my Buddy Holley glasses, flood water pants, and pocket protector............ I love to play with and talk about my scale model toys on a regular...
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    Great Planes Electric Mr Mulligan quick review.

    I done about the most work there is involved into assembling this ARF the other night, and that was sticking the dummy engine together and gluing it into the cowl. And that`s jack squat. You drill some small holes (they recommend 3-32, but go a few number bits bigger) in the "tappet covers"...
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    H9's new carden extra

    Awesome. I like Mikes designs. And I really like quality of H9`s major ARF`s. Hope they bring out a 30cc version. Can`t wait for a review on this one from one of you guys......:thumbsup: