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Mar 9, 2012
Apr 1, 2008
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Mar 9, 2012
    1. Freestylin4me
      Hey Brian, didn't really get a chance to say good bye to you Sat. Garrett said you pulled out about 4:30 in the morning. Anyway it was great to meet you, we had a great time teasing you about you being able to call real planes in just by trying to fly........;) Hope to see you again soon, Thanks for adding to a great weekend,
      Chuck.....AKA Freestylin4me
    2. Chad H
      Chad H
      Hey, yah beat me to the punch. I tried to do this on my lunch hour, but TFC server was slow or something and nothing was workin. And I could not send U a PM.

      Thanks for the compliments about the bike I had. Can`t get a better opinion than from someone that knows their stuff.

      This hobby has taught me how to do so much growing up with it. Its hard to beat. just about everything else bores me anymore.

      You would have the skills to build a awsome scale project on here sometime. That would be cool to see.

      I will be talkin to yah on here soon.........your friend from the great white north, Chad Hossack
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