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    Did FG just get rid of Sleepy?

    first off i left only because of work not by choice,,so one that note you can bite my arse :thumbsup:
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    Did FG just get rid of Sleepy?

    aj's flying buddy that moved here from texas,,you know me :thumbsup:
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    Did FG just get rid of Sleepy?

    how tall do you have to be to join the flying circus ..heheheheheh
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    Did FG just get rid of Sleepy?

    one about that big:thumbsup:
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    TeamFlyingCircus Shirt Giveaway!

    large or xl for me,,i deserve it
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    What TRANSMITTER do you fly and why

    futaba 9c with xps gear,,does everything i need to do and works great
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    Help putting my engine back together.

    loctite 518 was recommended to me by 3w,,it is very good and only takes a SMALL amount to seal
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    denied acces

    what is this crap,,i am a paid member of this site and i click on the picture of making battery mounts easy and get a message my account dosen't have enough permission to veiw,,,this is crap:banghead:
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    Trouble in Paradise

    gotta love them filters
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    Trouble in Paradise

    yal gonna cook **** you better get paula dean in there hahaha
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    What I think about TOM

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    Trouble in Paradise

    ya and where the f,k is sharpton and waters and the naacp raising hell for justice in this case,,,worthless basturds
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    What I think about TOM

    well i think he is a grumpy ole fart and opinionated and loves for people to think he is important,,hahahaahand that's what i like about him,,he is just like me
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    if she shaves you ain't gotta clue
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    new......old project