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  1. Revy
    Revy Angie
    Can I get “sufficient privilege” for the political thread?
    1. Angie
      You’re in
      Mar 12, 2019
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    2. Revy
      Thank you!
      Mar 13, 2019
  2. JOgorek
    Full retired and enjoying
  3. wahoo
    wahoo Tired Old Man
    How come I can't access the political crap thread ?

    Edit: must've been operator error... damn new phone...
    1. Super08
      Ya I can't access anymore either. I get notices but cannot get in.
      Oct 26, 2018
  4. Tired Old Man
    Tired Old Man
    Not really but I'll keep an ear out for anyone that might be.
  5. dcgayhart
    dcgayhart Tired Old Man
    Are you still interested in a 3W 78 Twin?
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  6. Old Dawg
    Old Dawg roc111672
    What's next?
  7. Jeffery Szueber JR.
  8. tomascratchbuild
    tomascratchbuild Jeffery Szueber JR.
    Am I going to be seeing you guys at the expos this year?
  9. speedbumptr
    speedbumptr SNAPPY
    Hey Snappy, I read all of your posts on FG. I would be honored to have you as a friend. Do you still have the 60% Extra.
  10. chumley
    chumley Admin

    Thanks for the friend request. I really like the site - it's rapidly becoming my favorite place to hang out now.
  11. Boomer
    Boomer Jedijody
    Where do you have the CG on your GW Yak 55m 50cc? The manual (lol) say 6.33 inches aft of the leading edge but this seems awfully forward of the wing tube. thoughts please.
  12. kaveman
    kaveman Tadman11
    i live in on ontario and yes i still have it here
  13. Dadstoysbg
    Dadstoysbg Baj
    Tried to send you a PM over on FG and your box is full. Send me your e-mail addy . mine is [email protected]
  14. ChargerChick
    ChargerChick BENCHASON
    HEY!! How was HUCKOWEEN?
  15. birdbrain
    birdbrain lxcoupe
    Will, you shoot take pic to me @ [email protected],

    Great times @ the farm, sorry I did not get that cardboard ou of your cooler.
  16. awesome1
    awesome1 Mithrandir
    Hope everyying is going well!
  17. philgriffin
    philgriffin WrongWay
    Morning Richard.
    Phil Griffin here. I've spoken with u about your profiles, and would be interested in getting the latest info on availability. When will the 50cc short kits be back in stock, and what did u tell me the price was?
    Also, I think maybe you said I could get the remainder of what I need from Balsa USA?

  18. BBP
    Send me your email
  19. hunter77
    hunter77 roc111672
    need food for 2 friday and saturday through lunch. gotta go home after that
  20. Lil Chief