PAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c.

PAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-9155-34.jpg
PAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-20140727-143018-739-39.jpgPAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-20140727-142545-723-38.jpgPAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-20140725-185956-154-37.jpgPAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-20140725-190024-032-36.jpgPAU EXTRA 300SP 150-200c.c. - kbaerg - img-9140-35.jpg
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July 25, 2014
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I am selling my plane to fund another project later this season. I am willing to travel a small distance from my area which can be discussed in pm's I would rather not part out at this time. The airframe had some damage last summer but has been repaired. This plane is setup for IMAC.

DA-170 with compact mufflers, 10 gallons through it using Stihl HP Ultra at 50:1
Falcon 32X10 Carbon Prop
Savox 1256TG on ailerons and elevators X 10
Savox 1230SG on rudder X 2
Savox 1257TG on Throttle
Smartfly EQ6 Turbo with Fiber Optic Ignition kill
Fromeco ReLions, 5200 X 2 and on 2600 for ignition
Wingtote Wingbag
Futaba 12FGA Radio with extra recievers.

$3500 U.S.
August 4, 2014  •  02:52 PM
I have decided to part her out.

Motor $1250 with no prop but spinner included (5" nolimits fiberglass/carbon with alum. backplate) OBO

Servos $55 a piece only 5 left (4 1256TG and 1 1257)

Radio Reduced to $475

March 2, 2015  •  02:23 AM
Everything is sold. Thanks