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Default Re: Brutus Flight Blog

Been getting a few flights with the Super Cub in Austin. It took me a few days to get it all back together after the floats beat the hell out of it last summer. I Found a new club 10 minutes from where we are staying. Super nice club- big paved pits and runway, lots of grass, and surrounded by trees (and massive apartment complexes). I thought it was electric only, but apparently the City has done db studies and found even the loudest gassers are below 85DB at the edge of the airfield, and that is fine with them. So, for now I'm good! Just have to wait till 11AM to fly on Sundays or holidays, 9AM the rest of the time which is fine by me. Did I mention it's F'n hot in TX? The heat isn't so bad, but the humidity is crazy. The local guys are really nice and welcoming. It's the first time in any club I have been a part of there are guys with bigger personalities than myself! It's good to know the target is on more than just my back for flying aggressively! So, I'm happy. Still trying to keep a low profile, which is hard when you have the biggest plane at the field, and torque-rolling a 12' Super Cub a foot off the centerline does get some attention- especially with the Cub's newest additions....

I will admit, lately I have been lamenting the loss of my floats. They are repairable, but for the time and cash investment I might as well buy a whole new kit and start over, and that's not happening anytime in the foreseeable future. SO, in a moment of weakness, and with a potential SUAS job on the line that would require operation from a pit mine road, I ordered a set of 11.6" PR Bushwheels and tailwheel. With the axles it was $508 shipped! Might have saved that cash for an Edge replacement, but WTF. Gotta have some fun while I can. Coolest thing- even with the extra 6lbs+ I can still pull out of a hover at this altitude! 465' MSL!

Anyway- Work is slow getting started. I'm networking with local Realtors, have paid advertising on Angie's List with the most "A" reviews on the site, and I'm finishing up a cabinet project for my wifes friends we're staying with. Once I get an Austin review I really hope some calls start coming in. Even with all my credit cards paid off I still owe a grand in bills a month not including gas or food. I have a lead on some production work, but jeebus I paid my dues years ago and do not want to have to start back at the bottom again. I'm way too old for that crap!

Hopefully something will break loose soon, other wise I won't be able to drive back to Denver and fly at the huckfest/cubfest, or get my planes out of Brians barn! Let alone hopefully pick up an Edge replacement.

Here's a few pics of the Cub and the new field and maybe a couple of the makeshift "shop" my dad and I are sharing for now.
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Default Re: Brutus Flight Blog

Glad to hear that you are getting settled in down there.
Wow, that is a nice looking flying field.
Hi Max!
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